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WoW Classic WotLK: Ulduar Healer Tier List (Phase 2)

Ulduar Phase 2 Healer

WoW Classic WotLK: Ulduar Healer Tier List (Phase 2)

It’s finally time for WoW Classic WotLK Phase 2 to truly begin with the release of Ulduar, the iconic raid that will test players much more than Naxxramas. With the harder difficulty and healing-intensive fights of Ulduar, it’s a good time to revisit the strongest healers in WoW Classic WotLK.

With that, here’s our Ulduar healer tier list ranking each spec and its capabilities.

S Tier

Holy Paladin

The Holy Paladin takes the top spot on our list in a very tight race thanks to its significant leap in phase 2 with some fantastic new gear in Ulduar including the legendary weapon Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, which fits the class like a glove. 

Holy Paladins stretch the value of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings more than any other healer, and the extra absorption gives Paladins a way to prevent damage before it happens much like the Disc Priest. This is especially potent given how powerful Holy Light is, and will give tanks a big shield to help soak dangerous mechanics when the proc is well-timed.

On top of this bonus throughput, Holy Paladins will remain the strongest healers when it comes to longer fights courtesy of their incredible mana regeneration, and boast unparalleled single-target healing potential all the while. This will be much more important in Ulduar where the average boss fight time will be much higher than in Naxxramas.

So while the process for obtaining Val’anyr may be lengthy, Holy Paladin players that manage it will stand a cut above all healing competition, and multiples won’t hurt this class nearly as badly as the Disc Priest. With this bump in power and a perfectly tailored phase for the Holy Paladins' strengths, phase 2’s healing meters will belong to the pink gang.

Discipline Priest

Wrath of the Lich King Classic has been the resurrection of the Discipline Priest, which now stands as a top contender for the best healer in the game, and that isn’t changing in Ulduar.

Discipline Priests offer strong healing output with massive absorption from Power Word: Shield, their greatest asset. This damage prevention is an asset other healers struggle to match, helping Disc stand out. With this, good Discipline Priests can time shields to push tanks past devastating raid mechanics, and this unique ability means they’re a high-priority healer to have.

Overall at least one Discipline Priest is a pretty important raid slot in Ulduar, but multiples do suffer from diminishing returns due to debuff management with Weakened Soul, so plan accordingly.

In Ulduar, Priests pick up a solid tier set in Ulduar that gives 250 spell power after each Power Word: Shield cast, and a largely negligible 10% crit buff to Prayer of Healing. 

With longer fights and plenty of MP5 to collect on Ulduar gear, Discipline Priests will remain a powerful asset in the raid’s longer boss fights and catch up to Holy Paladins a bit on mana regeneration which will be much more important in Phase 2. Still, it isn’t quite enough to push them over top of the Holy Paladin which really hits its stride in Ulduar.

A Tier

Restoration Druid

The Restoration Druid may be the most underrated healer in WoW Classic WotLK, offering massive healing throughput across many hots which gives them high-quality raid heals. Pair this with some incredible utility like Rebirth, Innverate, and the Revitalize buff, and Resto Druids contend very well in the healing meta. Add to this a tier set that gives Resto Druids an instant heal when applying Rejuvenate, and you’ve got a very viable healing spec that’s on the rise in phase 2.

Now finally free from HOT limits, Resto Druids also make a great multiple to have in Ulduar, making them a strong choice for any healing composition. Just keep in mind that longer fights and a more limited mana pool will mean Resto Druids may need their own innervates more often in Phase 2. 

This weaker mana efficiency on longer fights just barely keeps Resto Druid out of S Tier, but those looking to push damage parses and take advantage of some strong raid healing will enjoy seeing more orange names on the healing meters.

B Tier

Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shamans are a good healing option in Ulduar as they help alleviate the extra raid-wide damage that’s very prevalent throughout the raid while offering passable tank healing. And as always, Resto Shaman’s utility kit featuring Mana Tide Totem, Bloodlust/Heroism, and Wrath of Air Totem is a fantastic help as well.

What holds Resto Shaman back to some degree is its mana sustain issues and a lack of a real solid niche, which at one time was unparalleled AOE healing, a role now represented by most of the healing specs in the game. This will remain the case in Ulduar and WoW Classic WotLK phase 2, limiting how good Resto Shaman can be. Still, Resto Shaman has no diminishing returns for multiples and is more flexible than some other more specialized healing options, working as a jack of all trades and master of none. And in the end, if you’re missing a Shaman in general, the importance of Bloodlust/Heroism and even the unique Wrath of Air Totem buff can’t be overstated. 

C Tier

Holy Priest

The less represented Priest spec, Holy, is a more flexible variation of the class that’s much less potent overall. The Holy Priest does bring the very useful Guardian Spirit cooldown to increase healing on your main tank, but overall, Holy’s throughput doesn’t quite equal up to the competition in any single area. 

While Holy Priests are far from unusable, this means they will remain at the bottom of the pack overall and suffer from a more successful spec that scales better being just a click away at any time. With less throughput, worse mana sustain, and worse utility, Holy simply pales in comparison to Discipline, and this will sway many priests to go the other direction if they haven’t already.

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