With a rapidly growing fanbase of Valorant, players need someone to look upon when trying to progress through Valorant’s rank system; and whate better people to follow than the pros of the game themselves. While most professional league players come up with new and exciting stats and plays that leave you bewildered, there are always a couple of players you feel are the cream of the lot. 

In this article, we’re going to be talking about some of the finest players Valorant has to offer. Follow these professionals, watch their streams or checkout their gameplay and you’ll be able to learn a lot about Valorant. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive in!

7 Best Players In Valorant

Being the best player in the business isn’t an easy task. While we commend all the players in this list for what they’ve managed to achieve in Valorant, we do hope that out strides can bring us closer to their gameplay and gamsense. That said, let’s get onto the seven best players in Valorant in 2023: 

1. Yay (OpTic Gaming) — Jacob Whiteaker

We start off our list with who else but Yay, who’s an absolute wizard when it comes to cracking some skulls in the game. While his team did lose in the finals at VCT 2022 Istanbul, there’s no shadow of a doubt that Yay did everything he could to turn the tide of those games. He was a force to be reckoned with in the game, and most enemy teams would focus on shutting him down if they wanted to get through the round alive. 

Speaking of Yay’s achievements, he did help his team win at the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters Reykjavík, where he had the highest KD ratio at 1.32. The kill-machine has been nicknamed El Diablo (translates to “The Devil”), and rightly so, since he accumulated 417 kills at the VCT tournament. Yay masters both Chamber and Jett, so if you get the first shot against him, you better not miss. For now, you can catch him on Twitch, streaming his games while he waits for the next tournament. 

2. ShahZam (G2 Gaming) — Shahzeb Khan

There’s no better way to learn the initiating role than from watching ShahZam live. From revealing enemies with Sova’s Recon Dart to breaking the floor with Breach’s Rolling Thunder, ShahZam has got all the moves. He had an exceptional run with Sentinels VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík tournament and joined the Galaxy of the Greats alongside his fellow teammate, TenZ. 

While Sentinels have struggled over the recent tournaments, it is safe to say that ShahZam never flinched, winning essential clutches and rounds for his team. ShahZam also streams a lot on Twitch so if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about Sova, make sure to follow him there. 

3. Dapr (Sentinels) — Michael Gulino

While not gaining much success at CSGO, Dapr shined at Valorant with Sentinels, where he was flooded with awards and won the VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík tournament with them. Dapr has always been the flex player for Sentinels, where he’s almost played every role for them. However, he naturally leans more towards the support side, playing Cypher or a secondary Initiator like Fade. 

Although Dapr has a reputation for being a little emotional (to say the least) during his games, we believe that it’s natural to be aggressive against your opponent in any sport to get into their minds; and what better way to do that than trashtalking a little in all chat. So if you’re looking to become an absolute beast like Dapr, catch him on Twitch where he streams most of his games. 

4. Asuna (100T) — Peter Mazuryk

Asuna is one of the younger players and prodigies of Valorant and is currently the backbone of 100Thieves. While in his early days in the pro league, he was the entry duelist for 100T, nowadays, he’s a flex player like Dapr with an eye for kills. Apart from Raze or Neon, he also excels playing initiators like Skye and KAY/O. 

Even though his team hasn’t had success on the international stage, there’s no doubt that Asuna is on the road to becoming one of the greatest players the Valorant community has witnessed. If also you want to witness his mechanical wizardry, you can always tune in to his Twitch channel where he streams quite frequently. 

5. Jinggg (PRX) — Wang Jing Jie

Hailing from Singapore, Jinggg is the entry fragger for PRX and is everything you’d want from your duelist. With his crazy and mind-boggling satchelling with Raze, he could go out of the map and probably land in some other First Person Shooter if he wanted to. The explosive initiator’s movement is so unexpected and timely that his opponents have a hard time containing him during the round.

Jinggg has had significant success with PRX, winning a plethora of competitions in the SEAS region including the Valorant Invitational India and VCT 2022: Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Challengers. It is safe to say that the Singaporean is probably the best player of SEAS and is a top contender to be one of the greats in the world. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two from the satchel-master himself, catch him on Twitch where he streams most of his games. 

6. TenZ (Sentinels) — Tyson Ngo

No Best Valorant Player list is complete without the mention of TenZ. While he couldn’t generate his success in CSGO, he did blossom in Valorant at Sentinels, where he was their star player. Born in the cold areas of Vancouver, British Columbia, he brings his icy cold aim to Valorant, popping heads like it's a piece of cake. 

With the recent struggle of Sentinels, he might’ve been dethroned as the best player, but he’s still certainly one of the greats of the game. His Jett is his strong forte, where he’s absolutely clinical with her knives and knows exactly the right time to dash into a site. 

There’s no doubt that everyone will be willing to sign him as soon as he leaves Sentinels since he’s just a weapon of mass destruction with his mind-blowing mechanical skills. To learn from the one of the greatest of the game, head over to his Twitch channel where he’s found regularly. 

These are the Best Valorant Players

That sums up our article for the best Valorant players. All in all, we’ve tried listing some of the best players of Valorant you could look up to if you’re looking to learn the game. Definitely, there are tons of others out there who pretty slick at Valorant as well, however, we can’t cover all of them in this short list. That said, let us know who you think the best player in Valorant is!