Valorant Player Count 2023

About Valorant

Valorant is Riot Game’s first 5v5 tactical first-person shooter game, released in June 2020. While many have compared it to CSGO, this game has a unique take on its own by giving Agents abilities that would help them in their fights. Since its release, Valorant has maintained an average of 12 million concurrent players each month. With Riot releasing new content and cosmetics every Act and Episode, the game will continue to grow its player base in the coming years. To find out how many Valorant players there are, check out our tool.

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    June, 2020
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Valorant Player Count (Estimated) – Game Popularity Based on Google Trends

Our player count tool uses Google Trends as it’s data source. Google Trends is a tool that analyzes search queries in Google and compares search volume over time, giving a sense of the relative popularity of a search term. This isn’t an exact figure but is useful to determine the amount of attention a game is receiving over time. As for Valorant, as of June 09, 2023, the player count was 783,801. Compared to the previous day, it had a 0.93% increase. For the last 7 days, Valorant’s player count peaked at 821,907 and reached its floor at 744,381.

783,801 on June 09, 2023
776,574 (0.93%)
Compared to the previous day
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