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The First Descendant: How To Start Void Fragment Missions

Start Void Fragment Missions in The First Descendant

Void Fragments are missions found scattered throughout each region on the map. These will drop the fragments needed to start the Void Fusion Reactor missions, which come with its own lucrative rewards and materials. The game doesn't make it clear how you can begin these missions, which is why this article will tell you all about how to get started.

Breaking Void Fragments

Each Void Fragment is tied to a certain element in the game, either Fire, Chill, Toxic, Electricity, or Non-Attribute. To access these, you’ll need to use a skill that is tied to the needed element. Weapon elemental damage will not work for Void Fragments, so you will have to swap Descendants to start them.

The easiest Descendants to build and use for each Void Fragment is as follows:

  • Fire Fragments: Lepic
  • Electric Fragments: Bunny
  • Frost Fragments: Viessa
  • Toxic Fragments: Freyna
  • Non-Attribute: Ajax

If you are just starting the game, you’d only have two Descendants on your roster so far: Your starter Descendant and Bunny. This means you can’t break all the Void Fragments in all regions. This will incentivize players to start building up their Descendant roster.

How do Void Fragment missions work?

The mission itself is simple. Once you start damaging the Void Fragment with a skill, it will become invulnerable, and enemies will start spawning nearby. To drop the barrier, you must clear the entire enemy wave until the barrier drops. This loop will repeat 3 times until the fragment is destroyed. You will earn a bunch of Void Shards for your trouble, which is used to start up a Void Fusion Reactor mission.

The reset timer for Void Fragments is fairly short, making them easy to farm, especially when you don’t have enough Descendants to trigger all of them. One particularly easy Void Fragment to farm is at the Sterile Land, which is Electricity-based and is great for farming with Bunny.

What are Void Fusion Reactors?

This mission will usually be found near a Void Fragment for convenience. You must spend the Void Shards you've earned in the previous activity to start the mission up. If you hover over the icon for the mission, it will display the shards you need to access it.

The mission itself plays like your standard Extermination mission, where you must clear out a massive group of adds before an Elite miniboss spawns in the area. Once you defeat it, the mission will drop Amorphous Material Patterns that you can open at Void Intercept missions. Some Descendant and Unique weapon components will only be available for these missions, so farm these out as much as you can.

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