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In 2022, 21,988 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Information

It is possible for a gamer to make some money from their Sims 4 account. Those that can do this are the players that have moved on to other games or want a fresh playthrough, as they can sell a Sims 4 Account.

Why Players Sell a Sims 4 Account

Earning a few bucks or recouping what has already been spent on the game is obviously the biggest reason sellers create an offer for their Sims 4 account. At the same time, this is also a big help to other players that want to save up on an expanded Sims experience, as well as those that want to grow their Sims but do not have time for it.

When a player has been playing a game for a long time and invested a lot into it, they might feel that quitting the game wastes all of their efforts. Eventually, the time comes where they do have to say goodbye to the game, whether they’re moving onto newer games or real life has got in their way. When this happens, some players choose to sell their accounts in order to allow someone else to benefit from their work, rather than letting it all go to waste.

How Sellers Price a Sims 4 Account

While sellers can put any price on their Sims 4 Account, they will generally try to base it on the total price of DLCs in it, as well as the quality of its Sims. Also, some accounts are more likely to be bought, as some DLCS are more popular than others. The biggest example of this is the Cats and Dogs DLC, which is arguably the Sims 4’s most well-loved DLC for obvious reasons.

Before selling an account, players should read up on the rules and terms and conditions for the game.

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