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Make Money with The Cycle: Frontier Farming Services

A new faction level unlocks better jobs and items from the respective faction market. Each faction in The Cycle: Frontier is leveled separately; players must earn enough Faction Points (FP) if they want to reach the next rank, and they can only do that by completing missions or selling items to their faction of choice. With three factions to grind for, it’s understandable for some players to feel they need a bit of help. By selling The Cycle: Frontier farming and powerleveling services to buyers, sellers can earn a bit of dough while playing the game they’re good at.

How to Level Up Factions Fast

There are a handful of ways sellers can level up the three factions in The Cycle: Frontier as quickly as possible.

For one, they can opt to complete all the campaign mode challenges given by the faction they’re looking to level up. Completing these challenges is advisable as they’ll benefit the player in the long run.

If doing missions sounds boring, sellers can earn decent reputation points (RP) for their faction of choice by selling their unwanted stuff to their favorite side. If they find an artifact, they can sell those to a faction in exchange for RP and blessings. To put it simply: sell everything you find on a planet. However, this rule has a couple of exceptions, such as active quest goods and crafting resources that players can use to enhance armor and attachments. If sellers can find a quick progression loop, they stand to offer a valuable service for prospective buyers.

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