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Sell Your Cycle: Frontier Account to Earn Some Real Money!

Selling a The Cycle: Frontier account can earn players real money. The best way to do that is by selling through a trusted marketplace where sellers have access to a community of buyers and traders. A marketplace can help players reach their intended audience, which in turn helps them profit from selling their account. However, there are marketplaces that cut these profits through subscriptions and other additional fees. Sellers should find a marketplace that will be a bridge for them and buyers, without having to worry about losses.

Gather Materials, Earn K-Marks, Then Earn Money By Selling Your Account!

In order to market your The Cycle: Frontier Account, it must have a good amount of K-Marks or items that buyers will be looking for. Here are some of the things that are important when selling an account:

  1. K-Marks

    K-Marks is the most important currency available in the game right now. Weapons and gear that players need to venture into the world of Fortuna III can only be bought or crafted by spending K-Marks. The game hands out a small amount at the start, but players need to spend time grinding in order to earn more, or else they risk running out of K-Marks, making their journeys to Fortuna III much harder.

  2. High-quality Weapons and Armor

    Weapons and Armor are a player’s bread and butter when entering the world of Fortuna III. Weapons help players fend off against the creatures wandering around Fortuna III, as well as other players. On the other hand, Armor protects players from damage. Higher quality weapons generally do more damage and have higher penetrating power while higher quality armor reduces damage from weapons that have lower penetrating power than their armor values. High quality weapons and armor are unlocked in the shop of the three factions as players progress in the game.

  3. Aurum

    Aurum is considered the premium currency in the game, and can be used to speed up crafting and upgrades, for Gear Salvaging, or to buy cosmetics in the in-game store.

  4. Game Progress

    A lot of grinding is also spent on progressing through the three factions available in the game: the ICA, Korolev, and Osiris. Each faction will have its own set of quests that players and missions that players can complete for rewards and faction reputation. Each faction also has a shop that offers exclusive items. Players can unlock items for purchase by increasing their reputation level with the faction. Aside from the factions, there is also the Player’s Quarters where players can passively earn K-Marks and Aurum. The K-Mark and Aurum Generators can be upgraded with materials to increase the speed and amount they give.

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