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Sell The Cycle: Frontier Items to Fellow Players

Due to the survival, dog-eat-dog, nature of The Cycle: Frontier, players always run the risk of losing items and never making it to extraction. Players need help when it comes to good gears, weapons, shields, and backpacks—this is where The Cycle: Frontier sellers come in.

Sellers may help their fellow Prospectors in raids by dropping excess loot and helping them extract at the end of a raid. After all, items are only good if they are fully extracted. Anything else gets lost, so sellers need to communicate with buyers on what items they should carry because there are limited slots for both the safe pockets and the backpack to conduct a transaction.

The world of The Cycle: Frontier employs many item choices from combat options like gears and weapons (assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, heavy weapons, and many more) to quality-of-life necessities like crafting loot and keycards. The latter provides access to hidden storages that contain loot of varying rarity.

Why Sellers should Run with Fellow Prospectors

A huge advantage when sellers accompany buyers is that sellers themselves get loot, too—this is already disregarding the fact that they are simply playing the game as a team. Even better, sellers may procure items on the spot by accessing hidden areas or getting a good run with keycards. This adds value to what sellers may provide buyers, in addition to helping them secure their loot through extraction.

Flexibility is the key, and The Cycle: Frontier sellers may not only sell weapons, gears, and shields—they may also have access to tons of keycards, allowing buyers access to exciting loot. And if time is an issue, the sellers can even sell the keycards as is and let the buyer be on their way, or they can accompany them so sellers themselves can, yes, get loot, too!

It gets even better because The Cycle: Frontier is free-to-play; there is no barrier to entry and anyone can play, team up, and collect loot as required by the buyer. Sellers who play The Cycle: Frontier and do raids regularly will acquire the necessary skills to help starting Prospectors enjoy the game with a nice chunk of loot they can take home to stash.

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