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The Cycle: Frontier Money Making Guide

The Cycle: Frontier has a deep economy metagame. There are dozens of unique resources, currencies, attachments, weapons, armor pieces, and many more – all of which can be sold, crafted, looted, or invested into the game’s progression systems. As such, having K-Marks is necessary for all players in the game. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to get to the endgame. Here’s how sellers get the most out of The Cycle: Frontier’s economy and farm K-Marks to make a tidy profit off of:

  1. Upgrade the Generator and Sell The Cycle: Frontier K-Marks for Cash

    There are many active ways to make K-Marks in the game, but it’s always good to have a small and passive but steady influx of K-Marks. The best part is that players don’t need to do anything to earn it. The K-Marks Generator in a player’s quarters can be easily unlocked and upgraded; it’ll continue to give sellers small amounts of K-Marks, which can stack up over time, making a decent difference for sellers in building up their stocks.

  2. Keep An Eye Out for Meteor Showers

    Focus Crystals are a valuable type of rock that players can sell for many K-Marks, but Meteor Cores and Meteor Shards go for more. Gamers can sell these babies for 7,594 and 1,103 K-Marks, respectively. So, if players see a meteor shower near them, it might be an idea to follow the smoke and explosions. If the area looks safe, jump in, mine everything of value, and then extract.

    Note that since meteor parts are typically hot commodities in The Cycle: Frontier, these meteor showers can potentially attract a lot of attention – that means other rival prospectors might also jump the gun. If a player is quick and careful, they’ll have no problem making tons of K-Marks from the cores and shards.

  3. Sell Materials

    Unless players need all their items, they should sell their spare ones in Faction shops. Not only does it improve their Faction level, but it also earns them a sizeable number of K-Marks. The best way to do it is to sell all of one’s materials until they’re down to one stack of each item. However, they can make an exception if they’re actively trying to amass certain materials for crafting purposes or quests, a massive boon to K-Marks sellers.

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