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Why Do Players Sell a Summoners War Chronicles Account?

Despite the game being an open-world MMO, Summoners War Chronicles will retain certain staples from the series, especially the progression system and gacha, but with a twist. For example, instead of summoner levels simply unlocking certain content and abilities, this will now determine attributes as well, as summoners will now be as active in combat as the monsters. In fact, they will be perhaps even more active, and the monsters will simply provide additional DPS or do support and tank roles.

In line with this change, it should come as no surprise that items, especially gear, are going to play a much bigger role in Summoners War Chronicles. Following MMORPG conventions, the gear in the game will have rarity, attack and defense ratings, bonuses, and many of the usual traits. Also, much like in other MMOs, the best gears are the most difficult to obtain. Usually, they require much grinding and RNG, and giving players the opportunity to cut both of that and get the gear right away is a good selling point for a Summoners War Chronicles Account.

Gacha will be another factor that sellers can take advantage of and make the account they are selling more effective. Since there is no telling what monsters players will get from gacha, keeping on rolling to get the monsters they want and need is not only frustrating and time-consuming, but also costs a lot of money. This means there is an opportunity to sell a Summoners War Chronicles Account, as doing so is much more convenient and more cost-effective for players than re-rolling until they get the monsters they want.

A player might decide that they want to sell their account for a few different reasons. One of which is that they’re quitting the game, which might be because they’re moving onto another game, or simply don’t have time to play anymore. This is common when life takes over. Instead of just letting the account go unplayed for eternity, some players prefer to sell their account so that it may live on at the fingertips of another player.

How Do Players Sell a Summoners War Chronicles Account?


A way in which a Summoners War Chronicles account can attract potential buyers is the fact that a purchased account means completely cutting the grind and going straight to the endgame. Summoners War Chronicles, despite the change in genre and many mechanics along with it, is still a mobile gacha game. As such, it still has a rather hefty grind. Even players that are willing to spend much money in their playthrough will still have to deal with the game’s grind.

If there were players that did not have the time, energy, and patience in older Summoners War games and resorted to buying an account, there will also be the same kind of players in Chronicles. Apart from that, there will also be players that used to have time for older games but not this one. Both of these demographics are possible customer bases for account sellers, so they should do their best to reach out to them and make their offers more appealing.

Finally, the biggest opportunity and reason to sell Summoners War Chronicles is because it is still in its closed beta phase. Currently, it is unsure if the devs will allow the progress in closed beta phase to be brought into the beta phase, and eventually into the official release. Whatever their decision may be, what matters is that a closed beta version of the game sells to those that want to know about the game before it is officially released.

Setting a Price on Summoners War Chronicles Account

Sellers are able to price their Summoners War Chronicles account however they please. Though they will generally try to keep the price as close as possible to its accepted value. This value is determined by a number of factors such as summoner level, its competitive gear and other items, overall value of monsters, which is in turn determined by their power, and the total value of gold, crystals, and premium items in it, as well as many other factors. This is to ensure that buyers will not be turned off, and at the same time allow sellers to still make a profit.

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