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Why Sell Starbase Items?

Starbase is still a relatively new game, and there is a lot of content and fixes being rolled out soon. Despite its clunky gameplay, it’s out to be potentially one of the best star exploration games. New players are sure to be looking into the game as more features come out. As a game that is very reliant on its in-game currency, some players may find Starbase a bit too grindy. There will be gamers who will be willing to spend real world money just to get their hands on items, ships, armaments, and ship parts to avoid grinding countless hours. Sellers who have tons of sellable and tradeable items can make a profit.

How to Acquire Items to Sell?

For those who are looking to gain profit from selling items, they will need to stockpile on items, ships, starbase upgrades, weapons, armaments, and resources. Unfortunately, sellers will need to grind Starbase credits for them to be able to gain a vast inventory of items. The best way to earn the game’s currency is through mining. To help sellers be more efficient and effective with their mining grind, they should know which ones are most valuable. Here is a list of all the ores in the game and the frequency of finding them:

  • Very Common: Ajatite and Valkite
  • Common: Aegisium, Bastium, Charodium, Ice, Tengium, and Vokarium
  • Uncommon: Exorium, Karnite, Lukium, Nhurgite
  • Rare: Haderite, Ilmatrium, Kutonium, Merkerium, Oninum, Surtrite, Ukonium
  • Very Rare: Xhalium

Generally, rarer ores are worth more than more common ores, there are some common minerals that should still be collected when possible. Bastium and Vokarium are some of the most used common ores in the game. Focusing on selling these ores will yield players with profitable credit which they can use to buy items to stockpile which they can eventually sell for real-world money.

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