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Why Sell Starbase Accounts?

Almost every player wants to gain an advantage over others. In Starbase, new players like to get ahead of other inexperienced players while also minimizing the gap between them and the veterans of the game. To do this, players are forced to start grinding endlessly to gain enough resources and experience. As an alternative, buyers can simply buy an account that has all the things they might need to catch up. That is why sellers can anticipate that there will always be someone willing to buy their accounts if they have the ships, armaments, weapons, and credits that they need.

How to Increase the Value of Starbase Accounts for Selling?

Players who intend to sell Starbase accounts will have to own several ships and adequately upgraded starbases to increase the value of their accounts. The ships in question shouldn’t just be starter ships. There should be a wide variety of ships with varying skill requirements. Having at least one intermediate skill-level vessel will definitely increase the value of the accounts.

Increasing the number of credits on the accounts will also increase the value of their sale. By having tons of money, sellers can provide buyers with more opportunities and flexibility once they acquire their newly bought accounts. The best way to acquire credit is to grind mining and sell the ores acquired from the activity. Here is the list of ores to help guide sellers on what they should be looking for:

  • Very Common: Ajatite and Valkite
  • Common: Aegisium, Bastium, Charodium, Ice, Tengium, and Vokarium
  • Uncommon: Exorium, Karnite, Lukium, Nhurgite
  • Rare: Haderite, Ilmatrium, Kutonium, Merkerium, Oninum, Surtrite, Ukonium
  • Very Rare: Xhalium

Rarer minerals will be much more valuable than common ones. However, Endos looking to sell accounts should take note that common ores such as Bastium and Vokarium are highly essential in the upkeep and upgrade of most of the ships, so they should make sure that they can farm these ores as much as possible.

Personal Weapons

Player weapons are something sellers should also consider when they want to sell their accounts. Though Endos spend most of their time inside their ships, there will be times when they are forced to confront danger and enemies up close and personal. Having the deadliest weapons can help players gain an advantage during these sorts of battles. Here are some of the weapons that sellers should seek to own:

  • Sub-machine Guns: Whiplash
  • Rifles: Antigen Rifle and Battle Rifle
  • Precision Rifles: Rail Rifle
  • Anti-Armor: Bolter and Rocket Launcher
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