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Make Money Playing Starbase

Progression in Starbase is very reliant on credits and resources. Acquiring new ships for space battle and exploration requires vast amounts of credits. Meanwhile, players will need varying amounts of modules and upgrades to fortify their starbases and protect them from pirates. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time to grind for progression. There will be Endos who will fall behind from trying to build the strongest starbases because they just cannot afford the time to grind like other players. There will always be Starbase explorers who are looking for powerlevelers to boost their accounts.

Gamers who are knowledgeable of the game and have enough time to grind can offer to sell their services to players who are looking for account boosters. These services can range from mining to doing odd jobs to earn credits. Boosters can earn money playing starbase by offering valuable and time-saving services.  

How to Earn Starbase Credits?

Credits can be gained from doing jobs from stations or by selling ores. The most used method of credit grinding is mining since there is an abundance of minerals throughout the galaxy. In addition, some ores sell for hefty prices. Players who get tired of too much mining can always opt to do some repair and destruction jobs. However, these jobs pay less than mining.

Mining Guide

Mining in Starbase can be very tedious and repetitive for players. For those who want to sell their boosting services, they will have to spend hundreds of hours cracking rocks and harvesting ores. Account boosters do not have a choice on this matter. However, there are ways to make the most out of this endeavor and make the grind more efficient.

How to Start Mining

To make sure that players who are looking to power level accounts know how to mine, here is a simple step by step process on how to start mining:

  1. Take out the pickaxe from the inventory [I] and equip it to the Hotbar.
  2. Select the pickaxe to start mining. A pickaxe has two sides. The first side breaks an asteroid into fragments while the second side breaks fragments into smaller units.
  3. Connect to the ship’s resource bridge or station.
  4. By using either mode of the pickaxe, breakup asteroids and collect materials.
  5. Once the mining process has been completed, players should head towards the station and look for a set of red towers. These buildings are called the Ore Towers. In there, players can unload their oars and sell them.

Tips for Mining

Those who are looking to become account pilots for Starbase should understand how collecting ores works and see which methods are more cost-efficient. Some players make the mistake of thoroughly breaking the whole asteroid into smaller units. When doing this, players will acquire both the ores and the rocks from the asteroid. Rocks are not worth much and only take up space in the ship’s storage. Here is the most efficient way of mining:

  1. First, use the first side of the pickaxe to fragment the asteroid into smaller pieces until the ores are revealed.
  2. Use the other side of the pickaxe to mine the ores from the fragmented pieces. These minerals will be automatically collected and placed into your inventory.
  3. Do not use the second side of the pickaxe on simply rocks to avoid adding them to your inventory.
  4. If rocks are accidentally collected, simply drag them out of your inventory.
  5. If all the visible ores are collected, move on to look for more asteroids.

Some resources are worth more than others. Some ores can be found more frequently than others and sell less than those that are harder to find. Here is a list of all the ores in the game and the frequency of finding them:

  • Very Common: Ajatite and Valkite
  • Common: Aegisium, Bastium, Charodium, Ice, Tengium, and Vokarium
  • Uncommon: Exorium, Karnite, Lukium, Nhurgite
  • Rare: Haderite, Ilmatrium, Kutonium, Merkerium, Oninum, Surtrite, Ukonium
  • Very Rare: Xhalium

Rarer ores are worth more than more common ores. However, common minerals should still be collected when possible. Bastium and Vokarium are some of the most used common ores in the game. These ores are the ones that boosters or pilots should focus on collecting to sell if that want to make the most money playing Starbase.

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