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Mining: The Most Basic Form of Farming to Sell Starbase Credits

The most common method to farm Credits that every player knows is mining. This is because as soon as a player enters the game, they can start mining even without having to get some heavy machinery in to assist them. The method on how to farm Starbase Credits through mining is straightforward. Players can simply use a pickaxe and start chipping away at any rock that they come across. For the sellers that want a surefire way to earn Credits, this is the perfect way for them to do as it’s what every gamer in Starbase would do. But, should they have a higher level, then they have a whole bunch of alternatives that they can also try if they’re getting tired of just mining away.

Other Alternatives for Getting Starbase Credits

Mining will most likely be every player’s source of income in Starbase, but there are also other types of jobs that they can do if they want to push the envelope even further. For starters, they can take up a destruction or repair job to earn a bit of extra cash. There are all sorts of jobs that players can undertake in Starbase, from being a Bounty Hunter to a humble Shipper that specializes in shipping out goods. Mining is such a tedious process that becomes inevitably mundane after a while, so it’s recommended for sellers to have a secondary source of income that they can switch to.

Selling Ores in Starbase

After all that mining, players are bound to get a whole bunch of ores. There are different types of ores that they can acquire during the process of trying to get Credits such as Tengium Ore. They can then sell these ores in the Auction House. Since mining different rocks yield different ores, their market worth will also vary as well. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to check the value of each type of ore in the game by simply opening the menu of the Auction House in the settings. For those that want to get the rarer ores, they’ll have to venture deeper into space. This is a risky move since players will be farther away from the safe zone, but should they return without any harm, then their perilous journey is sure to pay them well.

Now, before folks hop into the Auction House, they first need to know about taxation. That’s right, there’s a tax system in Starbase. Selling ores at a particular price has a tax system of 10%, so players must make sure beforehand what the range of profit is that they can make from selling a particular type of ore. It’s pretty tedious having to always check the prices of ores, add the 10% tax, and then calculate the individual item price used for crafting, but it’ll ultimately be worth it as players can fully maximize their profits.

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