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Sell Sea of Thieves Items to Pirates

Life on the High Seas is pretty exciting and interesting to attracts many people's interests. Sea of Thieves offers gamers a chance to live their lives as simple merchants taking cargo from port to port or as swashbuckling adventurers looking for lost treasure or plundering booty from other people. While the game provides everything players will need for their immersion, gamers might feel something is lacking if they don't have cool-looking items. 

Items in Sea of Thieves are purely for cosmetic purposes that range from stylistic weapons to one-eyed canine companions. Gamers can acquire them from any merchant from Outposts or the in-game shop. However, certain exclusive items cannot be obtained through normal means. Sellers who were able to stockpile time-limited Sea of Thieves Twitch drops can sell these items for loads of profit. 

Which Sea of Thieves Items to Sell? 

Most of the Sea of Thieves items sold by sellers are all drops from the Twitch streaming site. However, these items are time-exclusive and rare despite being free drops. Several cosmetics can no longer be acquired since drop-time has already passed. Basically, once the drop event for the item is finished, no one can obtain them anymore.

Sellers can take this opportunity to sell costumes and ship skins that were previously obtainable from the streaming site. Many fans from the game are still keen on acquiring these items, so gamers who are looking to sell them can definitely earn money. Here are some of the drops that Sea of Thieves players would potentially sell: 

2019 Drops

  • Twitch Rivals 2019
  • Obsidian Ship Skin Set
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Obsidian Cannons
  • Obsidian Fishing Rod and Ebon Flintlock Pistol Drop

2020 Drops

  • Omen Cannons, Wheel, and Capstan from Gears 5
  • Steam Launch Celebration Drops
  • Mutinous Ship Skin Set
  • Mystical Divination Emote
  • Onyx Bucket
  • Onyx Compass
  • Shooting Story Emote
  • Onyx Shovel
  • Angry Fist Emote
  • Onyx Tankard
  • Halo Infinite Gameplay Reveal
  • Spartan Ship Skin Set
  • Rare's 35th Anniversary Celebration
  • Bear & Bird Figurehead
  • Spinal Figurehead
  • Talk like a Pirate Day
  • Ancestral Ship Skin Set
  • Halloween
  • Rising Morningstar Costume Set (Female)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Rising Morningstar Costume Set (Male)

2021 Drops

  • Festival of Giving
  • Frozen Horizon Cosmetic Set
  • Season 1
  • Gilded Phoenix Gear Set
  • Season 2
  • Gilded Phoenix Costume Set
  • Season 3
  • Gilded Phoenix Ship Skin Set
  • Season 4
  • Twilight Hunter Gear Set
  • The Gauntlet
  • Ancestral Ship Skin Set
  • Season 5
  • Nightfall Hunter Costume Set

2022 Drops

  • Season 6
  • Twilight Hunter Costume Set
  • Twilight Hunter Gear Set
  • Beyond NRG Promotion
  • Confusion Emote
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