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Ethergia is filled with hostile creatures, despite a catastrophe nearly making all life extinct. Traveling the land is dangerous, so Temperions must be well-stocked up before going on adventures. All players need consumables, gear, and enhancements to progress through the game and get stronger.

However, farming and grinding are activities that are heavy on repetition. While some players like or don't mind it, others would rather skip it. That's where selling Requiem items comes in. Sellers provide a convenient method to get what buyers need at the cost of some real money.

What to Sell

Any MMO worth its salt has a veritable collection of items. It can be challenging to choose which one is worth selling, but generally, these can fetch high prices:

  • Strong equipment
  • Consumables
  • Hard-to-find materials/resources
  • Rare enhancements

Equipment is necessary for continued survival. With good weapons, you will be able to defeat enemies. Good armor, on the other hand, keeps you from getting one-hit KO'd by mobs. Consumables keep you alive or buff your stats. Materials and resources are precious in crafting or producing more items. As for rare enhancements, they're drastic boosts of strength for players and, thus, are incredibly valuable.

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