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Requiem: Desiderium Mortis is a horror tab-targeting MMO developed by Gravity of Ragnarok Online fame. Yet, Requiem is a dark, dreary game wildly different from the anime-like RO. Ethergia can't be further from Midgard. The former is barren, cold, and near-lifeless, while the latter has a more lively atmosphere and a colorful environment.

Still, in every world, dimension, and universe, money talks. Selling Requiem Lant for real money is a part of that cycle, despite one being a virtual currency. Sellers help buyers by providing much-needed funds for the latter's progress, and they receive a tidy sum in return. It's a win-win for both sides of the transaction.

Farming Requiem Lant

Of course, sellers can't offer up what they don't have. They must build up their stock of the currency first before they can sell Requiem Lant. That means farming it until they have enough.

Unfortunately, there are only two Lant farming areas: the Inner and Upper Catacombs or Valdes in Flame. More than that, the Temperion must be an AoE caster class (Mystic, Forsaken, Defiler, or Tempest) if going solo. Others will only be as effective as those mentioned if they're with a party.

Doing runs of these areas will fill the seller's coffers well enough to keep up their offers. Plus, they get many benefits when they set up shop in an excellent trading platform. Specifically, those are no subscription fees, a bustling trading community, and robust data security.

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