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Make Real Money Playing Requiem: Desiderium Mortis

Many people would want to earn money while gaming. However, they don't necessarily want to perform during a stream. Offering Requiem powerleveling services is an excellent alternative. Sellers would enjoy playing the game to get a profit, and buyers skip the long, tedious grind.

Requiem uses a leveling system with a sharp increase in the required XP to move to the next level. This creates longer stretches of grinding and farming when in the higher values. Also, the game becomes boring and repetitive, lowering the player's motivation.

That's where powerleveling services come in.

Pricing Services

Since this will take up the seller's time, they can decide what it's worth. The online marketplace will not ask for fees (subscription, premium, or hidden), so they can put lower prices than on other sites. That leads to being more attractive to buyers. Combine that with a reliable and efficient work ethic, and sellers should have all the customers they need.

Types of Requiem Powerleveling Services

All things considered, the buyers can use all the standard types:

  • Leveling
  • Farming (currency, items, or materials)
  • Questing
  • Boss rush (Nightmare Monsters)

However, buyers might ask for a customized or specific service that needs to be listed. It's up to the seller to allow it or not. This is almost a job, so sellers must be careful not to exceed their limits or overpromise. Otherwise, their service quality could drop, leading to a gradually decreasing number of buyers.

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