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Players want enjoyment and avoid grinding. That’s true for most games, with Requiem: Desiderium Mortis being part of it. Ethergia has gone through a significant upheaval, and life went almost extinct. The Temperions were made to safeguard the remaining pockets of life from the shadows that threaten them.

Types of Requiem Accounts to Sell

Now, the Temperions’ adventures are long-winded and filled with grinding. Some buyers would love to skip that, so a Requiem account seller will be a godsend for them. Others would like a blank slate, while another group might want to experience the game more conveniently.

Though buyers would love having a high-leveled, geared account, it depends on their preference. There’s also a demand for the other types, even if they’re not as profitable. Here are the kinds in order of potential price (more expensive to least expensive):

  • High-leveled, geared accounts
  • ‘Good-advantage’ account (one filled with resources and materials to smoothen the leveling-up process and progressions)
  • Blank Slate account

Different buyers have different needs, so covering all bases is good.

About Pricing

Striking a balance between ‘cheap enough to be attractive’ and ‘expensive enough to have a profit’ can be challenging. Fortunately, account calculators are around to help sellers find a baseline and set a price. With this, they should find a reasonable cost that fits the center of characteristics above.

For everything sellers need, the trading platform can provide. Secure data, an active trading community, and no subscription fees all provide an environment conducive to trading.

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