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How Do Players Make Money Playing PSO2: New Genesis?

The Battle Power of a player is the combination of many different nuances within Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. This means that Battle Power is dependent on the overall accumulation of a player’s class level, augments, gear, and class skills. To sum up what the Battle Power is and how it has an impact on a player’s character, it’s a numerical representation of just how strong their character is. The reason why players are always seeking ways to increase their Battle Power is that the game often asks them to increase their Battle Power or pass a certain threshold if they want to be able to do certain tasks or go to certain areas. These tasks/areas require players to have a higher Battle Power than most instances due to the monsters being much stronger. There are even limited-time Urgent Quests that players can only partake in if they have enough Battle Power to qualify to undergo it.

PSO2: New Genesis goes in-depth in their tutorial of the game, but even that, the game can still leave a lot of players scratching their heads as to what exactly they should do. This is the same case for increasing their Battle Power. Squeezing in those extra couple of points is important to a player, especially if they want to continue further into the storyline. For that reason, many players are looking for Battle Power boosting services. As a result, others have seen this as a way to make money playing PSO2: New Genesis.

How to Increase Battle Power

  1. Unlocking Weapon Potentials

    All of the weapon types in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis have a hidden potential that players can tap into to unlock. The Item Lab is the place where they can unlock their weapon’s potential. In doing so, the weapon that they chose to unlock the potential of will be getting a huge passive bonus. These upgrades significantly boost a player’s Battle Power and they’re relatively easy to do. The only downside is that unlocking weapon potentials can be expensive. This is because the action requires spending a lot of Meseta and materials, so it’s understandable if some players are turned off by the thought of trying to unlock potentials for all of their weapons. To minimize the cost as much as possible, players who want to unlock the potential of a weapon to increase their Battle Power must use that weapon for a long time. After all, what’s the use of a powerful weapon if they’re not going to take advantage of it?

  2. Don’t Forget to Learn Class Skills

    Learning Class Skills is the most straightforward method to boost one’s Battle Power. To spend Skill Points, players must go to the Class Counter. There are Skill Points for main classes and sub-classes in which they have the option on how they want to distribute their points. To earn Skill Points as fast as possible in PSO2: New Genesis, players can opt to go to Region 8’s Cocoons and Region 3’s Towers. Having a high Battle Power is essential, especially if they want to go to the Tower in the South Aelio region called Aelio Rush where players must have at least 1,184 Battle Power.

  3. Add Augments to Weapons and Units

    Players will no doubt come across a lot of items that are labeled as “C/Spirit I” and the like. These are Capsules that can be used to fill in the Augment Slots in their weapons and armor. Each type of Capsule has a certain success rate. This means that there’s no guarantee that the Capsules that a player is planning to augment to their weapon will be successfully added. On the upside of things, players can stack Capsules together--up to ten of them, to be exact. For example, if a player has a Capsule that only has a 10% success rate, then they can stack ten of the same Capsule together to have a 100% success rate instead. Attaching and detaching these augments is easy as well compared to the base PSO2 game, so players have the option to carry any of the existing augments that they have over to their weapons.

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