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Meseta is the main currency in all of the Phantasy Star Online games, and of course, that includes New Genesis. Almost everything that players need to do in the game requires spending Meseta. Whether it be for enhancing weapons, unlocking weapon potentials, or getting some much-needed upgrade for their armor, have enough Meseta is of the utmost importance.

Why Some Players Sell PSO2: New Genesis Meseta

Meseta can be regarded as the most important currency within PSO, making it essential for players to always have a substantial amount of it. With the release of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, many people have been treating it as the first Phantasy Star game that they’ve ever played. Granted the original Phantasy Star Online 2 has been around for almost a decade, it only reached the Western shores in 2020, whereas Japan has had the game for almost 10 years. Think of New Genesis as a better version of PSO2 where it’s sort of like a standalone expansion that tidies up the visuals a bit and provides new open-world areas for players to explore. There was a bit of debate at first whether New Genesis was going to be just an update for a separate game title, and it turns out that it’s both. Following the base PSO2 title, New Genesis is set a thousand years later into the future. Besides the visual upgrade that it’ll be getting, players should note that certain in-game currencies are locked to specific games. For example, the Meseta that players have accumulated during their playthrough of PSO2 won’t be carried over to New Genesis. Although the premium currencies such as Arks Cash and Star Gems can be shared. Luckily, Meseta isn’t that hard to get and doesn’t require players to spend loads of money just to get it. Meseta is a farmable currency, meaning, players can simply explore their surroundings within the game to find what’s the best way to gather as much Meseta as they can.

The Secrets on How to Farm Meseta Fast

Players will need Meseta for a lot of things. Enhancements of weapons alone can cost hundreds of thousands of Meseta, so it’s normal to see high-level players have somewhat outdated weapons--it’s because they can’t afford to upgrade them yet. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to get lots of Meseta quickly and efficiently. Anyone can easily do them! It’s worth note that some of the tips that will be shared can only be done once though. Once players accomplish them, they can no longer repeat them.

  1. Always Pay Attention to Dailies and Weeklies

    The daily quests, while a great way to earn experience points, they’re not necessarily known for getting a lot of Meseta; however, the upside of dailies is that they’re extremely easy to do and complete. For a little effort, players can earn up to 8,000 Meseta per day just for doing the daily quests which aren’t too shabby. Plus, by doing the dailies every day, players get to cash in from their weeklies in return. Weekly quests can be regarded as paydays for the players. During this time, players won’t be getting any experience points at all but instead only Meseta. But hey, not having EXP in exchange for almost 400,000 Meseta is worth it for those that are looking to upgrade their armor and weapons. To get the full amount in Weeklies, players will first have to complete 20 daily quests first, which is why doing dailies is essential if they want to get every Meseta they can from their weeklies.

  2. Looking Out for Red Item Containers

    While exploring the vast areas within Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, it’s recommended that players should always stay on the lookout for Aelio’s Red Item Containers. Not only will players earn a couple of Capsules and Star Gems along the way, but they’ll also get 50,000 worth of experience points should they manage to complete Rossa’s Red Containers Side Task. And of course, this will result in players getting a lot of Meseta once they do manage to finish the side quest. Besides getting a lot of EXP, players will get 500,000 Meseta as a reward. The only downside to this is that players can only do and finish the quest once per account. So even if they try to change their characters or Ships, the progress of the side quest will still carry over.

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