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Buy PSO2: NG Power Leveling & Boosting Services

It may not seem like it, but Phantasy Star Online 2 has been out for almost nine years now – which means it’s due time for an upgrade. That would be no other than Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Those that want to get to the endgame right away sometimes buyPSO2 NGS Power Leveling services.

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2 Offers found
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Trading Information

What is Phantasy Star Online New Genesis?

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an offshoot of the original action-MMORPG sequel. Coming out nine years after the original, the game has various updated mechanics, as well as unique ones. This is to ensure that long-time players can jump in on the fun as well, Sega has given them to bring their Phantasy Star Online 2 characters to New Genesis.

In New Genesis, players enter planet Halpha as the Meteorn: mysterious people from space that have no memory of their pasts. The Meteorn can be any of the following races: Human and their descendants the Newman and Deuman, and the CAST.

Whichever the player chooses to be, their mission is the same: defend Halpa from the DOLLS, mysterious yet powerful cosmic anomalies that have been attacking the planet for five centuries – at the very least. To carry out these missions, players have to choose among the six classes:

  • Hunter – the game’s de-facto frontliner class which deals melee damage, as well as take a good amount of hits
  • Fighter – combat-oriented melee DPS
  • Gunner – using dual pistols, this class deals quick and relentless mid-range damage
  • Ranger – can either deal damage from afar or provide support with special bullets
  • Force – relies on Techs, the game’s magic, in order to deal much damage
  • Techter – dedicated support class that uses Techs to fulfill role

When choosing a class, players need to take into consideration both their own personal preferences and the class’s play style, as well as willingness to play a specific role. The game, however, not only allows players to switch classes, but also pushes them to do so.

That, however, doesn’t mean they are required to do so. Nevertheless, while players can choose to not level up any other class aside from they started out with, trying out the other classes has a wide variety of advantages. First, it allows players to change class according to the needs of the party, raiding static, or teams. With more classes at the level cap, players will be spending less time sitting things out or going solo.

To ensure that players do not get stuck with a particular attribute growth, characters themselves do not level up. Instead, it is classes that gain levels. This way, players can switch to a particular class without worrying if the stat growth of previously chosen classes is going to affect those of other classes.

The problem, however, is that it can take much time to level all classes, or even just one. There are players that are more than willing to grind but do not have the time or energy for it. Then there are also those that do not have even the willingness for it but would like to try out the endgame content. The latter is especially true for players that have

Why Do Players Buy PSO2: NGS Power Leveling Services?

To get around grinding towards endgame content, some players choose to buy PSO2 NGS Power Leveling services. There are many services they can find being sold on marketplaces by Power Levelers. Among them, the most common is Class Leveling.

Another is PSO2 NGS Battle Power Boosting. Battle Power is the game’s gauge of how strong a particular character is. While the game has an open world, it has Battle Power requirements for certain areas. Thus, it is important to have a high Battle Power as much as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do so, but thankfully many PSO2 NGS power levelers know how.

Last is N-Meseta farming. While unrelated to level, it’s the same principle: another player pilots the account and will play it until a specific milestone has been reached but it’s currency instead of levels.

All of them, however, depend on the availability of the power leveler that provides that specific kind of service.

The Price of PSO2 NGS Power Leveling Services

When looking for PSO2 Power Leveling offers, there are a few things that buyers consider, including:

  • Number of levels and classes that will be grinded for
  • Amount of Battle Power that will be achieved
  • Amount of N-Mesetas that will be farmed
  • Length of Power Leveling service

These will be the deciding factors for the price of the offer. For example, the shorter the time it takes the Power Leveling to cap all classes, the higher the price will be. At the same time, those purchasing the services might choose to negotiate the terms. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the Power Leveler if they will accept, renegotiate, or flat out reject it.

PSO2NGS Power leveling Reviews
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Based on the total ratings of 1 orders in the past year


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The most common form of delivery is Account Training. For this process, you’ll provide your account login information and turn over dominion to a professional Account trainer to properly level up and develop your account for you. While it may seem nerve racking to do so, every one of our PowerLevelers are professional players who have been vetted by our team and have a proven track record of performing high quality account leveling. Each PowerLeveler is also required to post a monetary deposit to keep their accounts active as a pledge towards solid and high quality delivery of account training. These types of orders are great for players who are already experienced at game play, and are poor on time as a resource to invest in their gameplay but still wish to keep up with their fellow players.

During the Account Training/Leveling Process:

  • Do not login to your account during the training process. This could set off a multiple-login suspicious IP flag which may raised for account compromise even from in-game chat logs.
  • Mute your friends list if possible for your particular game client during the order process.
  • Do not log into another account and chat with the professional gamer. Remember that game publishers can have flags raised for account compromise even from in-game chat logs.

For Coaching orders, instead of turning over your account details to the seller, a professional player/coach–or team of coaches–will play with you. Often times, you can order these to get special achievements rewarded only for group efforts, or take place in competitive arena cycles wherein team efforts are needed to reach specific goals or ratings.

These are by far the most fun type of leveling, because you are actually engaged in the process yourself, and have the opportunity to learn from others.

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