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What Carries Over to PSO2 New Genesis?

It’s important for players to remember that Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis does not replace the original. Instead, it exists alongside it. The game also allows older Phantasy Star Online players to bring their progress over into New Genesis.

However, not everything can be brought into the game. This is because the game has a lot of differences with the original, most especially the combat. Because of this incompatibility, Sega has decided to not allow accounts from the original to carry over their level, as well as progress in class skills, photon arts, and techniques in New Genesis.

Currencies such as meseta, AC, and many others will also not be carried over, as Sega believes this is going to give older players an unfair advantage over newer players. In the same vein, skill rings, consumable items that enhance combat ability and growth, materials, and furnishings also do not carry over. After all, they intend New Genesis to be a level playing field for both long-time and newer ARKS defenders.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be right that only the characters’ looks and name would be brought to New Genesis. For that, weapons, armor, units, and mags will be carrying over, which still gives older players a huge advantage, and their accounts highly sought after. This is because lots of players love having a head start over other players, especially those that want to take on other players in PVP or high-level PVE content right off the bat.

Other Reasons Players Sell a PSO2 New Genesis Account

Another common reason players sell Phantasy Star Online 2 Accounts is because if given the chance, other players might want to cut the grind. This is especially true for completely new players whose first exposure to the title is New Genesis. This is also true for players that tried out the first one but did not make it far and want to try again in New Genesis.  Lastly, players who will not have as much time and energy for New Genesis as they used to have in the original will likely choose to buy an account instead.

While the class level cap is only at 20, it is recommended for players to take up each and every class. Aside from the fact that players can only have one character per ship, a well-rounded character is highly recommended so that they can change classes easily and assume another role in case the need arises.

Original PSO2 players that want to start anew can also sell their account. By porting their account into New Genesis and then selling it instead of continuing to play it, they get to have the chance to truly have a fresh start.

Players that did not have an account in Phantasy Star Online 2 can also sell their accounts, provided that they have a competitive account that already has the endgame unlocked. If their sole purpose is to sell an account, they will have to work harder than the rest of the player base if they want to sell now. On the other hand, they can always play the game like anyone else and then sell the account at a later time.

There are a lot of players who would rather buy these things from their fellow players at a lower price, and this is the perfect opportunity for that.

How Much Are PSO2:NG Accounts Sold for?

Gamers have the freedom to put any price onto the account they are selling. Nevertheless, it is generally a bad idea to set a price that differs too greatly to the account’s value, which is determined by a number of factors and the trading community. Setting the price of an account too high could deter potential buyers, pushing them to other sellers.

The factors that determine an account’s value are the following:

  • Level of all classes – preferably all maxed at level 20
  • Battle Power
  • Total value of gear in account – individually, this is determined by the rarity and viability of the item
  • Total value of currency in account – this includes both N-Mesetas and premium currency such as FUN and AC.
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