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Do you have too much currency lying around? Don’t let your tireless grinding efforts in Phantasy Star Online 2 go to waste! Turn that digital currency into real cash by selling your PSO2 currency here in PlayerAuctions? Selling Meseta, Arcs Cash, and FUN points can be a really profitable task for you to do during your free time.

How Do I Sell PSO2 Meseta for Real Money?

To sell PSO2 Meseta, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Post up your offer through our system.
  3. When there’s a buyer that wants to purchase some of your currency, contact them via our onsite messenger to coordinate when and where to meet in the game.
  4. Meet up with the buyer in the game and drop the type and amount of currency that the buyer purchased and wait for them to pick it up.
  5. Once the deal is done, wait for the buyer to confirm to our system so you can get paid.

How to Farm PSO2 Currency

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a unique game that has more than two types of currencies. Most online games simply two: one currency that can be earned by playing the game, and one that you can use to purchase with real money to get exclusive items and such. Granted PSO2 has these, SEGA has taken the extra steps in order for Arcs Cash, the currency that can only be bought with cash, to not affect someone’s gameplay despite having an abundance of it. So just how can you farm Meseta and Fun points? After all, you can’t sell PSO2 currency if you don’t have enough stock to accommodate your buyers. We’ll be showing you how to get as much currency as you need and more!

If you’re wondering why we didn’t talk about how to farm Arcs Cash, it’s because it’s a premium currency! The only way to get it is to purchase it with real money; don’t forget that buyers can do that too so there’s not much point in selling them in the first place.

How to Farm Meseta?

Meseta is something that people always have a little bit of trouble understanding how to get it, especially for those that don’t really rely on AC scratch cards. Here are some of the methods to obtain Meseta in the most rewarding way possible:

  1. Do Dailies

  2. Dailies are a type of quest that’s updated every day. These daily quests vary since there are different orders that you can complete. While you can have a bit of Meseta doing this, you’ll earn even more once you’re level 75 and have unlocked Super Hard mode. Once per day, there will be a Very Hard or Super Hard quest that can net you more than 100k Meseta. While we don’t recommend heading straight into those modes if you’re still under level 75, doing the general daily quests will grant you enough Meseta until you’re fit enough to do Super Hard and Very Hard quests.

    In every four to five days, there is also a special daily quest that only the strongest can accept. The “Defeat Bal Rodos on Very Hard” quest is not something to take lightly. In fact, completing it can give you 250k Meseta just like that! It’s one of the highest rewards we’ve seen in a daily quest, that’s for sure.

  3. Sell Items in the Player Shop

  4. Selling items and extra weapons that you no longer need in the player shop is one of the most lucrative ways to earn Meseta. But you have to know what to sell first. Common materials or weapons that don’t have anything special about them can only give you a few thousands of Meseta. However, if you sell 4 slots or more of higher units that come with all the additions, you can generate millions of Meseta quickly. The key here is that as long as you invest in things like these, the more you can make in the end.

How to Farm Fun Points?

While Fun points are bound to your account and can’t be shared with others, they’re still a great currency to farm because they bring out exclusive items and materials that you can then send to other buyers. But to do that, you need to know how to farm Fun points first!

  1. Log In Everyday

  2. If you log in every day in PSO2, you’ll automatically get Fun points for doing so. Every five days, you can get up to 650 points if you just log in every day. This is the easiest way to get Fun points. If you don’t feel like playing per se, then you can just log out immediately once you’ve claimed your points for the day.

  3. Trade Your Excubes

  4. Trading your Excubes is by far the easiest way to get tons of Fun points in one go. An Excube is an exchangeable form of alternative currency that can be used to either get rare items through the Excube Exchange Shop or Fun points. For every 2 Excubes, you can get one 1,000 Fun ticket.

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