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If you have tons of items stashed in your inventory, why not make good use of them? Sell your Phantasy Star Online 2 items here at PlayerAuctions. Not only will you help others find the items they need, but you get to make some space in your storage as well for future items that you’d want!

How Can I Make Money Selling PSO2 Items?

To sell Phantasy Star Online 2 items, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Register/login as a seller.
  2. Put up your offers using our system. We will notify you when there’s a buyer interested.
  3. Once there’s a buyer, coordinate when and where both of you should meet in the game.
  4. Meet the buyer in-game and let them buy from you in your store in order to give the items they have purchased here.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system to send the payment to you and get paid.

What PSO2 Items You Should Sell?

Items in Phantasy Star Online 2 vary. From weapons down to the little trinkets that you can use such as expendables, there are a lot of items that can be found in the world of PSO2. The items are divided into four different categories: costumes, consumables, weapons, and units. All of them are equally important, but what matters is what type of item you’d like to prioritize first more than the other. For you to know what you truly want to sell, we’ll tackle the key differences between these four items and how they work.


Costumes are also called parts of camo for other races/characters. They have the ability to alter that look of your character without affecting your gameplay. Simply put, costumes don’t offer any significant changes besides being able to customize what you want your character to look like.


Consumables are expendable items. Meaning, once they’re used, they’re gone. Most of the consumables in Phantasy Star Online 2 are offered in the shop for Meseta, so it’s not wise to sell these types of items since the game already offers them in such huge quantities. Some of the consumables include Monomate/Dimate/Trimate, which restores a percentage of your health. There are also expendables that revive a fallen ally and remove status ailments as well.


Without a decent weapon, playing in Phantasy Star Online 2 can be a nightmare. There are three types of weapons: striking weapons, ranged weapons, and technique weapons. Striking weapons are primarily used for melee attacks, ranged weapons are often used at a distance to be able to attack enemies without being damaged yourself, while technique weapons are basically like magic weapons like rods and staffs.


Units are basically the equipment that you wear going into battle. These defensive items are divided into three parts: rear unit, arm unit, and leg unit. Besides being able to reduce the damage you’ll take, units also offer additional effects like set bonuses or special abilities that are exclusive to a certain unit. Besides the three parts, you can also include a sub-unit in any of those three types of units to further enhance your defense.

Secondary Items You Can Sell On The Side

Like we said before, there are a lot of items in Phantasy Star Online 2. There’s more than just these four categories, that’s for sure. But these are the four main types of items that we think you should prioritize first before delving even deeper into the market. Adding to that, we’ve listed some of the items you can sell alongside the stuff that you’re already selling!

Here are the items you can sell alongside the usual stuff that you already have:

  • ● Room Goods - Rooms goods are great for personalizing your character’s room. These include decorations such as furniture that can provide entertainment. They don’t really offer much besides aesthetic upgrades, but people love jazzing up their house in PSO2.
  • ● Grenades & Traps - Grenades and traps are miscellaneous items that can be used to kill enemies. There are different types of grenades and traps that offer more than what run-of-the-mill items do. Take the poison trap, for example. Not only does it damage trapped enemies, but it poisons them as well.
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