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Despite the release of newer FPS games such as Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone, Overwatch 2 is still one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games. There is, on average, 5 million players per month still pouring into Overwatch 2 to try out its high-intensity and fast-paced matches. There will always be players who are willing to buy Overwatch 2 boosting services just to progress faster with their accounts or reach their true ranks.

Make Money Playing Overwatch 2

There is much new content available in Overwatch 2 that gamers can explore. Alongside the multiplayer PvP, OW 2 will emphasize the game's story mode and PvE scene. The popular game title will introduce various new mechanics and features, especially its leveling system; besides receiving rewards, ranking up in OW 2 means that gamers can acquire new abilities to use in the story mode.

These new skills can be swapped, equipped, and upgraded as gamers level up. Unfortunately, grinding for EXP can be tedious, especially for those who want to enjoy the story. Power levelers and pilots can offer their services to other players and help them acquire all the available abilities by progressing their accounts. At most, power levelers can earn money by completing the story mode for gamers who want to focus on PvP battles.  

Sellers Can Choose PvE or PvP

Overwatch 2 will be emphasizing its PvE content, but it won't be abandoning the fun and chaotic PvP side of the game. The progression for both features will be separate. While the PvE side focuses on the story progression and leveling up characters, the player-vs-player scene will still feature ranked battles and a different account leveling system. For those who are looking to make a living out of playing Overwatch 2, they do need to be clear on which scene they will offer their services.

Those looking to make money out of playing Overwatch 2 PvE should focus on power leveling or boosting many agents. Alternatively, they can also offer story completion services. More PvP-savvy should offer rank-boosting and power leveling of OW2 accounts to get rewards.

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