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The Overwatch store covers a lot of ground for its players. Since cosmetic items can’t be traded, players are forced to get accounts that house them instead. At the very least, they don’t need to open up a lot of loot boxes just to get the skin that they want.

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About Overwatch Online Marketplace

How does Overwatch Shop Work

The Overwatch market can be regarded as the perfect one-stop-shop for players who are looking to take their experience in the competitive FPS to the next level. At the height of its popularity, Overwatch built a competitive scene for itself that had its ups and downs. At the end of the day, Overwatch is still very much an online game which makes the prospect of Blizzard Entertainment putting in microtransactions that much easier. When the game was first launched in 2016, gamers were hyped for a new competitive FPS to play with characters with unique roles and abilities. Granted the formula has been done before in games such as Paladins, there’s a difference between the two. Paladins follow a free-to-play model where players will have to earn a bunch of currency to purchase the champions that they want to use. And those champions don’t come cheap - it’s going to take a while before they even complete the roster. Plus, Hi-Rez always adds in new champions to Paladins which always comes in at a hefty price point. In Overwatch, players get all of the characters right off the bat. Players don’t need to worry about not getting the latest characters that will come in future updates.

Frustration for Loot Boxes in the Overwatch PSN Store

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of anger and/or frustration towards Blizzard for implementing the idea of using loot boxes to get cosmetic items in Overwatch. Since players have to pay up first before playing the game in the first place, this leads to additional costs. Of course, no one is forcing the people to spend more money after buying the game. Overwatch includes every bit of content that every gamer will need to play it. From gaining access to all the current/future maps and characters to game modes (the limited time ones for special events are an exception), one can say that Overwatch is the perfect example of what a game should be despite having microtransactions. Since the items that require real money are purely cosmetic, players don’t need them to get better at the game.

The bad thing about loot boxes is how it’s RNG for the player. For example, a player wants to get a very specific skin or emote that’s quite rare. In which case, they’ll have to open up a bunch of loot boxes just to get it. Even if they’re the luckiest person in the world, it’s still possible to all get duds from the loot boxes. This method of getting a random skin that leaves everything up to chance is the frustrating part. Players would feel more at ease should they have the choice to pick the skins and other cosmetic-related items that they want to purchase. This not only goes for the Overwatch PS4 store, but it’s also the same case for the Overwatch Xbox store too.

The Addition of Crossplay

It seems like it took forever, but Overwatch finally has crossplay five years after its initial release. This means that players from across all platforms, PS5/4, Xbox One/Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, will finally be able to play together. This is great news for people who use a different console than their friends when playing Overwatch. Plus, it makes the process of power leveling a whole lot easier for the buyers and sellers. At the very least, the buyers will no longer be limited by having to get a seller for Overwatch boosting services that have to be on the same platform as them. The cross-play feature will work for all of the game modes except for the competition mode. Blizzard’s reason for this is pretty simple. It’s to keep from other players having an advantage over the others. PC players are bound to be more accurate in their aim since they’re able to use a mouse and a keyboard. Plus, some of those PC players get to experience 60 FPS. The Nintendo Switch owners, on the other hand, can only have got 30 FPS and use a controller. Pitting these two platforms into an arena would simply be unfair because of how big the advantage the other has.

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