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Why Sell Overwatch 2 Accounts?

Overwatch 2 remains one of the most popular FPS games in recent history. Even with the release of newer games such as Valorant and Apex Legends, Overwatch still has a large player base that is still growing. The fast-paced game maintains a monthly player average of 5 million players, and the game still sees more players every day. Players looking to sell Overwatch accounts are not going to have a shortage of buyers anytime soon. Newer players and seasoned players are always looking for accounts with higher ranks and tons of quality skins.

Sell Overwatch 2 Accounts to Skin Collectors

Overwatch 2 is the successor to its predecessor, and it’s making headlines because it has transitioned from being a pay-to-play game to a free-to-play title. Now that OW2 is a live service online FPS, players who are the least curious about it can try the game out for themselves—they don’t need to pay a single penny, after all. So what can sellers do to stand out from the crowd considering that anyone can make a account to play OW2 and call it a day?

Sellers can sell Overwatch 2 accounts that have completed tiers of the seasonal battle passes to buyers looking for skins for their favorite character. Unfortunately, the skins in Overwatch 2 cost a lot of currency (Overwatch coins) to the point that Blizzard has been met with frustrated players who find it nearly impossible to get a hold of a cosmetic without selling an arm and a leg. By selling OW2 accounts that have skins available, sellers can easily make a killing and potentially gain a customer base.

Ranked Accounts Are A Great Option Too

The main caveat of selling Overwatch 2 accounts packed with skins is that sellers must also shell out a few bucks from their pockets to get the cosmetic items. There’s a free route for the battle pass, but it doesn’t give the same quality of rewards players would usually get if they paid for the premium battle pass.

If spending money to earn money isn’t viable, then ranked accounts can be a great alternative. By ranking up accounts, sellers can give buyers a chance to attain the rank they want in the online FPS minus the grind. Overwatch 2 has a few modes to take part in, but the best is ultimately Competitive mode, where players test their mettle against others.

There are eight ranked tiers in Overwatch 2:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Top 500 (on the region of your choice)

Each tier has five Divisions within it—Division 5 being the lowest and Division 1 as the highest. The Divisions don’t apply to players who are part of the Top 500 since it has its own ranking system.

Players on the Bronze to Diamond tier can play with their friends two tiers away from them in Competitive. So, for example, if a seller is still starting in Bronze, they can receive assistance from a friend in the Gold rank.

Meanwhile, players in the Master tier can only play with gamers one tier from them. And finally, Grandmaster players can only queue with people within 3 Divisions. This allows them to play with friends at the higher end of the Master tier’s spectrum.

Sellers need to know that where they rank in Competitive is different for each role, meaning they could be Gold in the Tank role, Master in the Damage role, and Silver in the Support role—all at the same time. The higher ranks sellers achieve in their respective roles, the better their chances of landing a buyer.

Getting Kiriko Can Be Bothersome

Kiriko is one of the first heroes that launched together with Overwatch 2. There are several ways to unlock her, but most involve purchasing the character outright. Those who don’t want to shell out the big bucks for the Founder’s Pack can opt to get an OW 2 that already has it for a lower price. The Founder’s Pack instantly unlocks Kiriko along with its other perks.

Another method to get Kiriko is buying the Premium Battle Pass, which costs 1,100 Overwatch coins. This gives players access to the support hero and some skins and knickknacks (titles, emotes, victory poses, etc.).

The players who would instead try to unlock Kiriko for free can do so by reaching tier 55 in the Season One Battle pass for Overwatch 2. Note that a large amount of gaming time is needed for this, and it doesn’t help if they’re a newbie that already has their hands full trying to unlock the older characters by completing matches/challenges.

Blizzard has stated that fans who don’t reach far enough into the Battle Pass or miss out on Kiriko by the end of Season One will have other opportunities to unlock her in the future. However, gamers can expect this to be related to a large sum of money. Since Overwatch 2 is now free-to-play, microtransaction practices are to be expected.

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