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The Best Farming Methods to Sell No Man’s Sky Units

No Man’s Sky had a rocky launch but has grown into a game that is beloved by its passionate fanbase. Thanks to the latest prism update which added in new content and enhanced graphics, more players than ever are diving into the open-world exploration game. It has resulted in an experience that offers a vast galaxy with countless planets to explore, because of this, players always need money. By buying resources and crafting materials from vendors, they’ll be able to build intricate bases and structures, which they can call home. While sellers can gather Units by hand, there are more efficient ways to farm Units in No Man’s Sky.

  1. Dig for Bones

    What’s incredible about No Man’s Sky is its sheer scale. There’s a massive number of planets in the game, so much so that players can’t possibly expect to explore every one of them during their lifetime. What’s great is that no two planets look the same; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with unique flora and fauna. Once a player has unlocked the analytics visors in their multitool, they can use it to detect ancient burial sites. These sites potentially offer players buried treasure/ancient bones which they can sell to a vendor. Depending on the type of bones that they find, they’ll be able to get a varying number of Units from it. The burial sites are typically easy to find, and since there are a lot of planets in No Man’s Sky, sellers can simply go to every one of them to dig up bones.

  2. It’s A Pirate’s Life for Me

    Players are truly free to do whatever they want in No Man’s Sky. Whether it be taming and milking an alien creature or embarking on an expedition to find more planets, the sky’s the limit as to what one can do in the game. Oh, and there’s also the option of going rogue and raiding other ships as a space pirate. Those that think that the pirate life is for them can choose to destroy ships that will cause them to drop cargo. The cargo can then be collected and sold later, netting a tremendous amount of Units.

    Be careful though, as attacking neutral vessels will mean that sentinels will be alerted and attack the player until they manage to hide or escape in a trading port. However, this is a small price to pay for someone that’s bound to get what’s arguably the best loot in the game.

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