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About Selling No Man’s Sky Accounts

Sellers who have quit playing No Man’s Sky can earn back a bit of what they spent on the game. If they sell their No Man’s Sky account, they get some profit while the buyer can enjoy the game. That’s without having to grind and farm all the things they need to survive.

Of course, that isn’t the only reason why sellers would sell their accounts. Whatever the reason, they’ll need the following tips to find a fair price for their account.

Factors That Affect a No Man’s Sky Account’s Price

Finding a good price isn’t just slapping on any number on the offer and calling it a day. Sellers have to carefully consider the following things to set a proper price on their account.

  • The game’s price upon purchase. Sellers could’ve gotten the game on a sale, which lowers the base price of the account. This at the very least is the minimum the seller has to recoup for their account. Everything else should just be a bonus.
  • The units held by the account. Units are the currency of the game, meaning having a lot of it is beneficial to the player. Accounts with sizable savings can bump up their price.
  • Resources in the inventory. Like currency, having these on hand, especially the ones needed for upgrading or crafting, is beneficial to the buyer. If the seller stocked up on these, it can raise the account’s price.
  • Exploration progress. What else is there to explore if everything’s been discovered? For this feature, less progress would be preferable. However, it still depends on the buyers.

Sellers may allow negotiating the price of an account. The buyer will definitely want a discount, while the seller wants to profit. By negotiating, they can find a happy medium where both are satisfied.

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