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A lot of changes were made in No Man’s Sky that has led to its current popularity, but there are a couple of things that Hello Games didn’t omit, such as the brutal start that players are thrown into. As players boot up the game, they’ll encounter a sprawling but perilous world that’s filled with systems and things that are trying to murder them. It’s not easy getting a foothold in No Man’s Sky since players are left to their own devices despite having been in the game for a mere five minutes. No Man’s Sky can be hard to get into for some because of that, but should players put in the elbow grease, they’ll be rewarded with a gaming experience like no other. This results in some of those players getting boosting or leveling services for No Man’s Sky on third-party marketplaces. With so many sellers these days that offer a variety of choices that cater to a buyer’s specific needs, it’s easy for people to just waltz right in and choose the type of service they want. Best of all, the sellers have fun while doing it. After all, they won’t specialize in No Man’s Sky if they’re not exactly into it.

What’s great about No Man’s Sky is that by offering boosting services to other buyers, sellers get to experience a new in-game world every time. There are over 18 quintillion planets in No Man’s Sky’s universe--all fully fleshed-out worlds that are unique to each other. While it’s nigh impossible to visit them all unless a player dedicates all of their time and energy, being a power seller for No Man’s Sky is the next best thing.

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