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Where Gamers Sell New World Accounts

Selling New World accounts like the online equivalent of a street vendor won’t usually attract buyers. Selling on websites such as social media sites or forums isn’t the best idea, since there is no trust and accountability for the seller or the buyer. Trading online without the proper encryptions and systems is risky and buyers will be reluctant to return for a second round.

That’s why the best sellers are usually found selling on a reliable and trusted player-to-player trading marketplace. One with a safe and secure environment ensures no third party can interfere and steal anything. It should have a large community of traders as well, making sure that everything a buyer needs is covered. The large community also ensures that sellers are able to close sales quickly, and are always able to find buyers for their offers.

Before thinking about selling in an online marketplace, or anywhere for that matter, traders should make sure they have read the terms and conditions for the game they wish to sell accounts for. If these do not answer any of their questions, or confuses them more, they should consider reaching out to the developers for clarification and reading our user agreement. This ensures that they understand the policies of the game before trading.

What New World Accounts do Gamers Sell?

Whether a seller is quitting or wants to start over again, there could be many reasons why they want to sell New World accounts. Whatever the reason, here are some suggestions of types of accounts they can offer.

  • High-Level Accounts - These accounts have progressed deep into the game and can handle almost anything that comes its way. It may have a stockpile of currency and crafting materials as well, but more importance is placed on progression.
  • Mid-Level Accounts - Accounts that have passed the tutorial and beginner areas, but haven’t made too much progression. These are great for buyers who need an edge when they start out or start over.
  • Business Starter/Crafter’s Account - An account that didn’t make too much progress in combat, but is a skilled crafter or has all the materials or currency needed to become one. If not a crafter, they can sell the materials off to start a business or make money. Could be an account for the less combat-minded or for businessmen to start their economic adventure.
  • Fresh Accounts - Some buyers just need to start over. Maybe they joined the wrong faction or made an irreversible mistake. At any rate, they want to start over with a blank slate. This is the account for them.

These are only broad categories, and the ones sellers want to sell might fall in between two of them. At any rate, sellers can offer any kind of account, but an idea of what it contains would benefit the buyer.

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