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MMORPGs have always given players the opportunity to make money. Not just in-game currency, but real-life money. New World, of course, is no different. Those that want to learn how to make money playing New World without selling anything should know that in order to do so, they can provide New World Power Leveling Services for sale.

What is New World?

New World is the second video game of Amazon Game Studios, the same company known for its logistics and streaming service. The game comes after Crucible, which is discontinued one month after release. New World, however, is shaping up to be a much better game which will last longer, as it received stellar reviews.

In New World, players step into the boots of sailors that have been stranded in the shores of Aeternum, a strange island where magic springs forth. This magic shapes the island and its inhabitants, healing its flora and fauna, and even imbuing them with strange powers and altering their form. This makes them more violent and dangerous than ever.

Monsters, however, aren’t the worst things about the island. It has also twisted humans, turning them into the Corrupted, the Ancient, and the Lost. They were once people that have been caught and corrupted by the island’s perpetual cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Those stranded in the island are caught in this as well. Thus, they have no choice but to keep fighting. In doing so, they will get stronger and stronger and finally be able to uncover the island’s secrets.

The New World Power Leveling Services Sellers Provide

New World’s progression system is a mix between conventional and less conventional features. For the former, players have levels, which reaches up to 60. Every level gives an attribute point, which is spent on the five attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. On the other hand, the less conventional feature is weapon mastery. Instead of pumping points on passive skills, players will have to constantly use a weapon for them to become stronger at its use.

Apart from combat, players will also be able to pick up trade skills, which are divided into three categories: Gathering (Mining, Skinning, Logging, Fishing, and Harvesting), Refining (Smelting, Stonecutting, Woodworking, Tanning, and Weaving), and Crafting (Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing). Much like weapon mastery, EXP in trade skills is gained through constant repetition.

Gaining levels and leveling up trade skills and weapon masteries take time. This is where New World Power Levelers step in. With their knowledge of the game, they will have no trouble when trying to sell New World Power Leveling Services, New World Trade Skills Power Leveling, and New World Weapon Mastery Grinding.

Why Players Sell New World Power Leveling Services

The main reasons that players decide to start selling power leveling services is because they want to earn money playing New World, while also helping out their fellow gamers. It doesn’t involve giving up an account or selling items, so players will simply have to grind someone else’s account and get paid for it. At the same time, being a Power Leveler also helps players, especially those that do not have the time or energy to grind. All MMOs require investment of both, but New World has shaped up to be one of the more grind-intensive active MMOs. Because of that, power levelers are a huge help to budding players, as well as players that already have a grasp of the game but do currently do not have the time.

Lastly, while experienced players are usually the ones that become Power Levelers, new players can also be one. Provided that they can grind faster than the average player, they are more than welcome to provide services and earn from them.

The Terms and Price of New World Leveling/Boosting Services

New World Power Levelers have the freedom to determine the terms of their service. This includes the length of service and the number of levels to be grinded for. In turn, the terms determine the price. The more levels to be grinded and the shorter the time this is achieved, the higher the price will be. Conversely, a slower grind and fewer levels fetch a lower price.

Buyers can negotiate the terms and can improve them in exchange for higher prices or downgrade them for lower prices. It is, however, up to the power leveler if he or she will agree. In the end, what matters is that both power leveler and player agree and benefit.

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