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Only folks that were part of the closed beta were able to play New World before its release date. Because of that, those people managed to get ahead of the race in terms of having higher levels and better gear right off the bat. New World closed beta accounts are perfect for gamers that want to have a sizeable advantage.

Why Gamers in New World Sell Items

When talking about MMOs, items are of abundance. New World is Amazon’s first stab in making an open-world MMO and so far, the reception has been positive. Set in the fantasy world of Aeternum, players are offered a vast world to explore and a whole lot of freedom when talking about choosing their playstyles. Not only will the players have to learn to fend for themselves when it comes to battling wildlife, but they’ll also have to deal with a wide variety of supernatural and undead foes that want to consume their organs. Besides that, there’s also the “Corrupted” which is a cult faction that’s the typical cookie-cutter villain group that seeks to erase or enslave all forms of life. With so many difficult enemies up ahead, this makes the process of crafting and gathering to be extremely vital for players. If they want to live for another day trying to fight the evil in the world of Aeternum, then they will have to know how to gather materials for themselves and craft useful items and/or weapons for it.

Not everyone has access to a huge supply of these items though. Some exclusive gear and weapons can only be bought from vendors and NPCs which could potentially cost a pretty penny, depending on a player’s level. Compared to the usual MMOs that gamers normally see, there is no class system in New World. Instead, the attribute and skills point that players accumulate throughout their journey can be distributed in whatever way they would like. This means that players can essentially create the type of character that they truly want to focus on without any constraints. There are, however, traditional roles available such as the tank and the healer that can be made through character and equipment customization for those that want to stick with the usual type of classes.

The Secret to Getting Items in New World

Most of the resources that players can gather when doing a bit of exploration tend to be low-level or raw materials that are usually sold for dirt cheap. Those kinds of items aren’t that profitable if players were to try to sell them to vendors. Instead, why not turn those cheap mats into something spectacular and more importantly, is worth a lot? While there’s no class system in New World, there are, however, professions that players have the option to take. If one were to pick a profession that’s solely dedicated to turning trash into gold, it would have to be Weaponsmithing. Weaponsmithing in New World is a profession that allows players to craft all sorts of different consumable items and weapons. From the usual sword down to the Warhammer, players that excel in the art of Weaponsmithing no longer need to buy the usual equipment that’s common. Since they’re able to make weapons for themselves, they can bump up the quality of their gear. Of course, they’ll still have to scavenge for materials though - rare ones, in particular, are difficult to obtain.

The level cap for Weaponsmithing is 200. The higher the level that a player can attain with their profession, the more new recipes they’ll unlock. Plus, this will also lead to them being capable of making the same type of weapons/items but with better characteristics. For this profession, players are required to have a Forge workbench to craft the weapons/items. Luckily, Forges can easily be found in almost any Settlement that they’re bound to visit. Level 1 and 2 Forges are more common since they can only use low-level blueprints, but if players were to have high-level blueprints down the line, then they’ll have to find a Settlement that has a Level 4 or higher Forge.

New World: How to Sell Items

Selling items in New World is as straightforward as they come for gamers that are experienced in playing MMO games. Since New World is a purely online experience, it’s impossible to not meet other players while doing some sort of quest or farming. This makes the process of trading a whole lot easier since the buyer and the seller can just meet up in a specific place or location in the world of Aeternum and begin trading from there. All they have to do is create an offer in the trading post for the buyer to find and purchase.

New World: Where to Sell Items

For players that are constantly online or just AFK, the best way to advertise their ways is to head on over to specific hotspots in a Settlement. Trading posts within the Settlement is where sellers can create offers for buyers to choose from. Settlements in New World can be treated as cities or villages where players tend to hole up to recover their health or purchase items that they think they’ll need for their next adventure. Since there are a lot of players there though, keep in mind that the competition will be tough as no doubt they will also be others who are looking to sell their goods.

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