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With the demand for MT Coins only getting higher, it’s unfortunate that the ways players can farm the currency remain stale over the years. Trying to get the best players in the NBA 2k22 season with MT Coins is only natural for those who want a team of champions that at least guarantees them to join the playoffs.

Unlocking the Auction House to Sell NBA 2K22 MT Coins

The Auction House is arguably the best place to farm MT Coins, no matter what series a player is in. It’s the perfect place to dispose of unwanted players for a reasonable number of Coins. Of course, the price of a player card is highly dependent on its rarity. Valuable player cards can also be bought for a competitive price, given that the economy isn’t in shambles. As such, sellers need to know how to gain access to the Auction House as it’s one of the main ways of getting MT Coins in the first place.

To start with, sellers must complete the Agendas which can be seen in the Season Agendas menu. While it’s not yet known as to what the Agendas are for NBA 2K22, they can bet that they’ll be seeing similar tasks from the previous installment (NBA 2K21). Back then, players had to collect 30 cards. This may sound a tad daunting at first, but do not fear, as there’s a way where players can get a large number of cards without paying a single dime. To be able to obtain free cards in the game, gamers must first collect Locker Codes. Locker Codes are essentially a text code where players can enter in the game to unlock a free pack or player in MyTEAM. There are times where EA would release codes for MyCareer as well which gives people boosts or free clothes. Sellers ought to keep in mind that Locker Codes tend to expire after a week or so, so should they see a Locker Code up for grabs, then they should nab it before it goes away.

The Secret to Making MT Coins in the Auction House

A simple definition of what the Auction House is is that it’s the ultimate place to be when it comes to buying and selling players. Sellers can sell their player cards and other items for NBA 2K22 MT Coins. This also makes it perfect to get useful cards for a relatively cheap price or sell secondary cards with a negligible MC revenue. As with any free market, the prices of certain cards and items tend to fluctuate up and down. By buying cards at a low price and selling them when the time is right, sellers can easily bank on the opportunity as long as they pay attention to the trends within the NBA 2K22 economy.

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