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The Rarest Items to Sell in Guild Wars 2

Like many other online RPGs, there are a lot of items that each has their own value. Some are rarer than others, resulting in players having to exchange a lot of gold for them. Some of these "rare" items are from the gemstore, but that's not really counted as purchasing from the gemstores means that players will have to use real money to actually get the item.

1. Pinnacle Weapons

Most people assume that the rarest weapons are the Legendaries. Legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2 are basically an icon at this point. If someone sees a player that has one of these babies equipped, they know that person is a seasoned veteran in the game. Pinnacle weapons, on the other hand, are sort of the unsung hero of rare weapons. Overshadowed by its younger sibling, Pinnacle weapons are rarer because players will need at least 29,000 Achievement Points to even get it which is not an easy task.

2. Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is an infusion material in Guild Wars 2 that's ridiculously rare. This is because of the insanely small drop rates for it. If players were to try and get it, they would be stuck in a certain location praying to the RNG gods for weeks or even months without end.

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