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There is no better time to sell FFXIV account, as the game has picked up a lot in popularity for a wide variety of reasons. In fact, the game has been enjoying an influx of new players. Sellers could take advantage of this phenomenon and sell either their account or sell accounts they got from other players.

Reasons to Sell FFXIV Account

FFXIV account sellers’ biggest reason for doing so is to make money, while buyers have lots of reasons why they’d rather buy an account instead of making their own. With this in mind, sellers can offer all sorts of accounts, giving themselves an edge over their competitors and much reason for buyers to flock them.

The most common reason players buy and why sellers sell FFXIV account in response is to cut the grind short. The game has had several expansions already, which means lots of updates and changes in the power scaling. The level cap has been set to 80, which has allowed the game to introduce many new and better abilities and equipment, allowing players to take on more powerful threats.

FFXIV, however, is a story-driven game, and an award-winning one at that. In fact, lots of players picked up the game for that very reason. It’s why it’s mostly those that have already experienced the story who will purchase an FFXIV Endgame Account for sale. This is true especially for players that played simply to experience the story and want to do endgame content but don’t have enough time or simply do not want to go through its lower, more tedious phases.

There are also those that will need a competitive account for the upcoming Endwalker expansion, which will culminate the Hydaelyn Saga. Thus, sellers should start preparing their accounts for such a content so that they can sell it at a high price.

Another type of frequently bought account is a smurf account. This is for players that want to turn over a new leaf, feel like they’ve become too strong to enjoy more early game content, or simply have fun with lower-level friends. Since this account is easy to make and has a lower level on purpose, it follows suit that smurf accounts are cheaper. Sellers can easily mass-produce smurf accounts.

FFXIV accounts are also sold to mount and glamour collectors. Purely cosmetic items have been serving as status symbols in MMOs, and FFXIV is no exception. Many mounts cannot be traded, while many glamour items that have become discontinued are also not tradeable. To get around these limitations, accounts that have these items can be sold instead.

Setting the Price of FFXIV Accounts

As the owners of the FFXIV account for sale, sellers can put any price on them. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that they keep it close to what the community would consider as its actual value. In turn, this value is determined by criteria such as the level and number of Disciples of War, Magic, Hand, and Land, viability of the Disciples learned by the character in the account, the total value of Gil, items in inventory including Glamour and Mounts. The higher or better these things are, the more likelier buyers would be willing to purchase the account for a high price.

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