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Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that just keeps on giving. With more expansions to come, there’s no way FFXIV will ever run out of content for the next decade. However, some things are hard to find. From the most meager consumables to the strongest armor in the game, players are able to connect, sell, and buy items, accounts, and gil in our FFXIV store.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Final Fantasy XIV or its trademark owner.
About FFXIV Online Marketplace

Final Fantasy XIV is one of those MMORPGs where the economy is rather stable. Strangely enough, this is because of the completely optional nature of the FFXIV Auction House, which is known in-game as the Market Board. Players do not need it to be strong – they simply have to do the relevant quests and endgame content in order to boost their item levels.

Nevertheless, even though there is no strict need for players to visit the FFXIV Market Board, lots of players do so anyway. The most common reason why they do so are glamours. Despite these items being purely cosmetic, players love to buy them because everyone wants to express themselves visually, even in Eorzea. Then there’s also the social status aspect of it. Looks play a huge role in choosing glamours, but so does the prestige of it. This is why a good chunk of players go for the rarer and usually more elaborate glamours in the Market Board.

Items related to crafting are also popular in the Market Board. This is true for both crafting materials as well as finished products. Gathering the former can be quite tedious, and for many reasons. First, players need to level up the Disciple of Land related to the crafting material that needs to be gathered. Second, many crafting recipes require a rather high number of certain materials. Third and finally, there are also crafting recipes that require rather rare materials, and it doesn’t help that there are also a lot of other players taking up the same Disciple of Land.

As for the high number of crafted items in the Market Board, they are there for a similar reason as the crafted items. For the best and most sought-after items, players have to reach the higher levels, or better yet, get to the level cap of the Disciple of Hand that allows their creation. 

On a similar note, while it is very much true that buying items from the Market Board are not necessary to reach item levels that are competitive in the endgame, many items sold there are crafted. That means they have slightly better attributes. At the same time, they cost a lot, so it’s mostly for those that min-max and have enough Gil.

Why Players Use an FFXIV Marketplace

It should go without saying that buying from the Market Board requires Gil. Due to the usually cosmetic and artisanal nature of the items being sold there, their prices can get pretty high, especially when they’re in high demand. Much like gathering crafting materials and crafted items, it can take a lot of time to farm for.

It isn’t easy either, as unlike other MMORPGs where almost everything can be sold, tradable items are usually limited to crafting materials, crafted items, as well as a few rare ones. It also doesn’t help that the Market Board prices of most items are ever-changing, as the player base has ever-changing tastes.

Coincidentally, there is an equally player-driven place where players can buy and sell FFXIV items – and more. That would be the Final Fantasy XIV Marketplace.

The Prices in FFXIV Store

Those who are looking for a specific thing in the FFXIV Marketplace are able to use search functions to enter in their requirements, be it for an item, account, or service. If there is an offer for the item, then they can buy it at the indicated price.

On top of that, the FFXIV Marketplace is where players can buy FFXIV-related assets that will never be available in the not everything can be bought in the Market Board. Good examples of these are FFXIV Accounts, allowing players to buy accounts that are already caught up with the latest content, has gear that brings the character close or even already at the currently highest item level.

With these accounts, players can cut the grind and focus on endgame content, as well as PVP. The price of these accounts depend on the Disciples of War, Hand, and Land Levels, item levels per class, total amount of Gil, and total value of tradable items in the account.

Conversely, while the FFXIV Market Board requires Gil, players can buy Gil from the Marketplace. The price depends on current trends in the Market Board.

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