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Got too much FFXIV Gil on your hands? Then sell them here in PlayerAuctions! With our huge marketplace, you can make deals from players around the world right in the comfort of your home.

Sell Your Gil FFXIV for Real Money Here in PlayerAuctions

Selling in-game currency, in general, isn’t anything new to the gaming community. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to make a profit with your hard-earned FFXIV Gil. FFXIV is a game where quests are abundant and there are a lot of dungeons to explore. As a result, players always need to have the right equipment for the job. Constantly changing the types of weapons and armor needed to suit the boss that they’re about the battle is normal. However, not everyone has the money to purchase all of these things—especially if their character level is high. That’s where you come in! By selling them FFXIV Gil at a cheap price, you’ll be able to help them with earning a profit at the same time.

How Can I Sell FFXIV Gil for Real Cash?

To sell FFXIV Gil, just follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offers through our system.
  3. Wait for a buyer to purchase one of your offers.
  4. Once there’s a buyer, coordinate with them at a time and place to meet up in the game.
  5. Meet up with the buyer at the designated time and place and give the FFXIV Gil.
  6. After the buyer has received the Gil, wait for them to make the confirmation in our system for you to get paid.

How Do You Safely Sell Gil on FFXIV?

Luckily for you, giving the in-game currency to the buyer isn’t as hard as some other online games. Gil can easily be traded between players through the use of the market board or mail. In order to send the Gil through mail, you’ll have to talk to a Delivery Moogle, an NPC that is commonly seen around in settlements. Needless, to say, they’re very easy to notice and not that hard to find. Delivery Moogles provide mail services that allow you to send and receive mail from friends! Note that Delivery Moogles can only carry 10M Gil at a time. If you have a buyer that’s going to buy more than 10M, you’ll have to send the currency in batches.

Gil Making Methods for Sellers

There are a lot of ways to farm Gil, but most of the ways that are shared are aimed towards experienced players. Here, we’ll be sharing easy Gil-making methods for sellers of all kinds. You don’t need to have a strong character anymore as the tips that we’ll be showing you are perfect for casual players.

  1. 1. Use the Market Board
  2. The market board is where you can craft and sell equipment for players who are in need. The players that are requesting these items will surely pay you handsomely for your efforts. Besides that, you can just dump all the extra items that you don’t need into the market and get the cash. If your character has a high level in crafting, then this method is perfect for you as it is considered to be one of the fastest ways to get millions of Gil.

  3. 2. Use Your Retainer
  4. Retainers are sort of like your helpers. They have the ability to store items and Gil for you or sell the items that you’ve chosen to the market. You can also send out retainers on expeditions for them to experience and snag you some rare items.

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