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Selling Your Fate Grand Order Account

Selling a Fate Grand Order account is as easy as buying one. It’s also a good way to earn money, whether you’re done with the game or would like to regularly sell FGO accounts.

How Much Should I Sell My FGO Account for?

It ’s up to you how you will put price your offers. However, it’s recommend that it’s just priced right. Doing so will ensure that the buyers won’t be put off by the price, and at the same time you’d still profit as much as you can.

To help you determine the account price, you can also put a price on the account according to the following:

  • Number/Level/Rank of Servants - pricing for will be based on the amount of Servants, the level of the Servants, and the popularity for each.
  • Amount of Saint Quartz - this currency is used to summon Servants, so if there's a spare amount in the account, then all the better it is.
  • Master Level - simply put, the account's level.
  • Amount of Craft Essences - these are used to customize the Servants; while not as important as the items above, this can still be used to consider the account's value.

The higher these values are, the more acceptable it is to sell the account at a higher price.

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