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Selling Information

Selling Your Fate Grand Order Account

Selling a Fate Grand Order account is as easy as buying one. It’s also a good way to earn money, whether you’re done with the game or would like to regularly sell FGO accounts.

Regardless of why you’re selling a Fate Grand Order account, here’s how to sell one. Just log in (or register if you haven’t), then either go to your profile and click on Create New Offer, or go to the Buy Fate Grand Order Account page, and click on sell. Provide the necessary info, submit, and an offer will be created.

You will be notified after an order has been placed on your offer. Depending on the buyer’s preference, either you or the system will be giving the account details. The buyer will then verify them with us. After they confirm with us the delivery, the payment will then be disbursed to you.

How Much Should I Sell My Fate Grand Order Account for?

Here in PlayerAuctions, it’s up to you how you will put price your offers. However, we recommend that it’s just priced right. Doing so will ensure that the buyers won’t be put off by the price, and at the same time you’d still profit as much as you can.

To help you determine the account price, you can check out the average offer price in the Buy Page. You can also put a price on the account according to the following:

  • Number/Level/Rank of Servants
  • Amount of Saint Quartz
  • Master Level
  • Amount of Craft Essences

The higher these values are, the more acceptable it is to sell the account at a higher price.

The Advantages of Being a PlayerAuctions Seller

As a seller on PlayerAuctions, here are the perks you’ll be enjoying:

Privacy and security – anyone at PlayerAuctions will never ask for your personal info. We are also not able to access them.

Lower seller costs – compared to other online trading platforms, we have lower seller costs. That means more profit for you.

Granting of PowerSeller status – upon making 100 completed sales for at least $1000, and earning a 97% positive feedback or more, you are eligible to be one of our PowerSellers. As one, we will promote you, which means you’ll be more visible to and trusted by our buyers. That means more sales. In addition, you’ll have to wait one or two days less in receiving payment.

Choice in Disbursement Method – to give our sellers freedom and a convenient selling experience, they can choose which disbursement method is the most hassle-free for them. Of course, that includes AmazonPay.

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