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Selling Information

Diablo II Items You Can Sell

The most common items usually sold by Diablo II players on PlayerAuctions are gear, runes, and charms.

Gear and gear sets, if you wish to sell them as such, are sold according to tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) in order to help buyers conveniently identify if the gear or gear set you’re selling is what they’re looking for. As for Runes, sellers should indicate if the Rune being sold is a regular Rune, a high Rune, or a Runeword (gear that is formed by putting the right Runes, in the right order, into a particular piece of gear). Finally, Charms are items that provide attribute bonuses and special effects as long as they’re carried by the player in their inventory. Rare charms that give especially beneficial bonuses, such as Hellfire’s Torch and Annihilus, are often sought after by players, and therefore fetch a high price.

Even if what you’re selling is not one of these three types, you can still sell it here as long as it is tradable in-game.

How To Sell Diablo II Items

Selling Diablo 2 items in PlayerAuctions is easy! Click on the button at the top of this page, and if you are a new user, simply follow the instrcuctions and complete the registration for free. Once that’s done, you can start input your offer details to create an offer. Choose the right options and fill out the necessary fields, then click on ‘Create New For Sale Offer’ once you’re done.

Once a buyer has decided to purchase your offer, you will then receive a chat message from him/her. During this chat, you will be discussing the time, date, and location of the trade. Take note that these messages will be monitored by PlayerAuctions staff and will serve as their reference in case of dispute from either or both parties.

Upon completing the trade, the buyer will then confirm to PlayerAuctions that the items have been delivered, and the payment will be disbursed to you.

Why Should You Sell Diablo II Items Here at PlayerAuctions?

There are a lot of player-to-player trading platforms out there, so why sell your Diablo II items here at PlayerAuctions? First and foremost is security. Unlike other gamer-focused trading sites, you can be assured that neither the PlayerAuctions staff nor your fellow traders will be able to gain access to your game-related assets and info, and more importantly, your personal ones.

Here, you pay less in seller fees, and you sell your items fast. With more than 1.2 million players in our marketplace, your item offers will get maximum exposures to the right people. Plus, it is absolutely free for registration and offer posting, you will only charged a small admin fee when you actually make a sale.

Another reason to sell here at PlayerAuctions is the convenience. Here, selling is as easy as signing up for an account, filling out a few fields, and doing a few clicks. In addition to that, sellers receive payment shortly after delivering the goods to their buyers. Also, sellers have the freedom to choose their preferred method for receiving compensation. Therefore, they can go with the safest and most convenient option for them. Register, put up offers, and get paid in a jiffy – that’s selling the PlayerAuctions way.

About Selling Diablo 2 Items

Selling Diablo II Items According to Rarity

In Diablo II, there are three tiers of gear according to quality.

Normal Items

The first tier is Normal, which doesn’t really have any special properties. These items can be sold here simply because they are tradable in game, but they are cheap, even when sold to NPCs, so it’d be best to not bother selling them here.

Exceptional Items

The next tier, Exceptional, has level limits of around level 25, has higher attack or defense rating, and has higher requirements than Normal weapons. They are more difficult to obtain than Normal gear and begin to drop more frequently in Normal difficulty, and even more so in Nightmare difficulty. They can be worth a few bucks to the right buyer, so you could sell them here if you want to.

Elite Items

Finally, there is Elite gear, which offers the best offense and defense but has character level limits of around 39 to 73 and has even higher requirements and only becomes more common in late Nightmare difficulty. As such, they are the best gear to sell here in PlayerAuctions.

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