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Sell Call of Duty Accounts for Cash

Sellers could have many reasons to sell their CoD account. One could be they're quitting and need the money. Another reason could be that they're tired of keeping up with alts. Some might even create alts specifically to sell.

Whatever the reason, sellers must set a reasonable price for their accounts. Getting greedy won't do them any favor. Setting a price that's too high won't attract buyers, while a price that's too low won't give the seller any profit. Here are some factors that affect a Call of Duty account's price. Not all will apply to every game, as each one can have different systems.

  • Skins - Skins are cosmetic changes to how a character (operative) or weapon looks. They don't give any advantage to the player in any way. They just change how some things look. Some skins can be rare due to being available only for a limited time, and those rare ones drive up an account's price the most.
  • Prestige - Prestige works like ranks in other games. Players play to get levels, and those levels determine the prestige of the account. It unlocks rewards and other things for the player. A high prestige can make the offer more expensive.
  • Ranks - CoD Mobile is one game in the franchise that uses ranks. The higher the rank, the better the player is supposed to be. It's used to find equal matches to fight alongside/against in games.
  • Characters/Operatives - Some games ask players to unlock certain characters for use in multiplayer. Having more or the most desirable ones available can increase the price of the account.

There could be more, but these are the most important ones to consider.

Other Types of CoD Accounts

Sellers should also consider indicating on which platform the account was made. While linking to other consoles is possible, it saves the buyer some extra time and steps so they can play on their preferred device.

Some buyers might also prefer having full access to the account. These are the ones that give the buyer access to the email and other security measures of the account.

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