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Sell Black Desert Online Account for Real Money

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-time thing or it’s going to be a habit – if you want to sell Black Desert account for real money online, it’s best to do it here, PlayerAuctions.

How to Sell BDO Account Fast On PlayerAuctions

To sell on PlayerAuctions, just log in or register and create an offer for the account. Before posting it, however, set your delivery settings according to your preference. Depending on that, either the account details will be automatically sent to the buyer, or you will be the one to send it onsite. We recommend that you choose the former, as this will let you sell Black Desert Online account fast.

Upon purchasing the account, the details will be sent to the buyer. Once the buyer has confirmed to us the delivery, you will be receiving the payment.

The Right Black Desert Account Price

When putting a price on your Black Desert account, there are many factors you should take into consideration. First would be the amount of Black Desert Silver and Kakao Cash in the account. Simply compute how much both currencies would be in real-life money, and then add it to your account’s price.

Another aspect that affects the account’s price is the gear it has. Unlike other MMOs where gear is defined by rarity, Black Desert’s gear system is based on upgrading. If your equipment has the best and/or max upgrades and enchantments, you can sell the account at a higher price.

Finally, skill builds are also an important factor when it comes to price. If the account has characters with popular and effective skill builds and have the gear to back it up, it’s going to be worth more. It goes without saying that the more the viable characters an account has, the higher its price is going to be.

Sell Black Desert Online Account Fast: The Advantages of a PA Seller

As a PlayerAuctions seller, you get to enjoy certain perks. You have security, as your personal details are secure here. You also earn more here compared to other sites, as our seller costs are lower. Plus, you can be one of our PowerSellers. As such, you’ll be one of our most visible, trustworthy, and profitable sellers. Finally, you have convenience, as you can choose which payment delivery method suits you best.


About Selling Black Desert Accounts

Before you say that maybe Black Desert is just another Korean action-MMO, give it a try first because the game has beautiful graphics, a rich world, and cool character designs. The battle system is innovative with deeo end-game content that involves player-driven economics and “politics.” After playing Black Desert, you may have a hard time putting it down. In fact, some players purchase from gamers who sell Black Desert Accounts. The game is starting to pick up steam from many MMO players who are looking for armed conflict.

Sell Your Black Desert Account Since the Game is Hot

One reason why players get into the game is that it was tested in South Korea in 2013. The latest update of the game was in September 2014 (about two and a half years ago). Unlike MMOs that have a single global release date, it’s safe to assume that Black Desert no longer has any of the usual problems that plague MMOs a few days after their servers were open. If there are any issues, maybe they are minor glitches that won’t significantly affect the gameplay.

Another reason why players find the game rather pleasing is the buy-to-play system. Many MMO players already know that the free-to-play games aren't all sunshine and rainbows, as they require players to pay for blocked content. For many gamers, this could lead to spending even more than what it cost to purchase the game or a monthly subscription. In South Korea, Black Desert is free-to-play, but most of its content is only accessible if you cough up some cash. Luckily, in the western hemisphere of the world players only have to play once, and they get the full gaming experience.

Another fact about the game is that it's pay-to-win. In buy-to-play online games like Black Desert, even though players have paid for their copy and Black Desert Account, the game requires additional account maintenance. Either a game shop or a regular subscription fee is required.

Fortunately, you no longer have to pay for anything else after you get a copy; you only spend money if you buy an item in the cash shop, which is mainly for convenience or cosmetic purposes. No items in the cash shop will bolster player's attributes to maintain the balance of the game. After all, players and devs don’t want the experience to be ruined by those who have money.

More importantly, the payment model and the stability of Black Desert is what is probably the game’s main selling point: the war system. According to YouTube MMO vlogger Fevir, Black Desert feels like a battle game in a familiar MMO interface. Since the game is in a 3D world, players move with WASD keys, and attack using the left and right mouse clicks and the skill bar. There is an emphasis not only on fighting, but on dodging and moving during battle. Despite having a skill bar where your talents activate via hotkey, you won’t be using it much. Instead, you’ll be counting on pulling combos and unleashing greater attacks by pressing basic assaults in the proper order to defeat your opponents. With such an affluent combat system, it’s no surprise why Black Desert has become a fan favorite.

Players want to buy a Black Desert account so that they no longer have to go through the tedious grind. If you have a top-notch Black Dessert account, then you can earn some bucks by selling it within our gaming community. On the other hand, if you don’t know to who, where, and how to sell accounts, we at PlayerAuctions are going to steer you in the right direction.

Selling Black Desert Account at PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions is a player to player online trading marketplace. In other words, we let people post and sell BDO account on our website, and PlayerAuctions takes care of the rest. To get your money’s worth, we don't have registration or hidden fees, and our seller costs are cheaper than other player to player trading sites.

On the other hand, if you want to sell items, currency, or accounts that are related to other online games, then we can help because we have a vast catalog of titles. Check out our home page and see if we support the game you want to sell.

Black Desert is an exciting game that is worth checking out. If you want other gamers to experience the substance of the game that you had while earning some money for yourself, then you’re making a good choice with PlayerAuctions.