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Why Black Desert Online Items Are Always Needed

Once you’ve played enough Black Desert Online, you’re sure to have items you don’t need clogging up your storage warehouses or more horses than you know what to do with in your stables. As you probably know, BDO makes it harder than most games to trade items with other players, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with all those extra goods. All items, including the most basic ones that you might find during the first few hours into the game, are just as important if not more needed than the rare items that are harder to find.

Everybody starts out with nothing in Black Desert Online. As such, a player can have a hard time surviving on their own without even the most common items. Gear is vital to every player in Black Desert Online. Without proper gear, one wouldn’t be able to survive a day out in the woods where there are monsters and enemies lurking about, waiting for their next prey. Your outdated gear can be of use to somebody else that has a lower level than you. There are many ways to give away your items in BDO. One example is where players can go to an auction house to put up their item for bidding. Whoever has the highest bid in auction gets the item. Food and elixirs, on the other hand, are much better when being sold through shops. You can even set up your own shop in the streets of BDO! With the help of workers, it’s easy to barter on the online servers.

Normal or common items can be usually found here such as crafting materials, food, and the like. However, there are some cases where players are able to find good deals on gear as well. You can even trade horses in the game through the horse market. These mounts are useful for traveling and make your life easier. This factor becomes more apparent if you take the time to gauge how long it takes to walk from city to city just by walking vs. by horse. Even a basic horse can do wonders for a player who has never had one before. There are also more expensive horses as well that have higher stats and a better sense of speed, making the pursuit for them a worthwhile endeavor as you work your way from a slower horse, to eventually, a faster one.

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