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OSRS Crafting Guide 1-99

OSRS Crafting Guide



Crafting is one of the most essential and productive skills in OSRS, so it's no surprise that plenty of players take it up with the seriousness of a rocket scientist. Crafting isn't as simple as it seems. So, if you want to try it but are met with confusion and staggering complications, worry not! Here's our extensive OSRS Crafting Guide for leveling your Crafting skill and making a ton of gold.

What Exactly is OSRS Crafting?

In Runescape/OSRS terms, OSRS crafting isn't a catch-all term for skills that result in the creation. Instead, Crafting is a specific skill that creates a wide variety of items, such as OSRS pottery, armor, leather, jewelry, gems, and even weapons. You'll need a certain skill level and set of materials for each kind of item. It goes without saying that higher-quality items can only be crafted at higher levels. That makes it essential to grind first before making things with trading in mind.

Quests That Reward Crafting XP

Quests are also a good source of initial experience. Here are a few to get the crafting journey started:

  • Murder Mystery
  • Observatory Quest
  • The Fremennik Trials

At Level 20, we get access to more quests that we should definitely do as we unlock them:

  • Elemental Workshop I
  • Elemental Workshop II
  • Shilo Village
  • Nature Spirit
  • The Great Brain Robbery

A final quest can be found at level 50, The Hand in the Sand quest. It will provide a nice sum of crafting experience upon completion and unlock daily buckets of sand to build up over time, which we can use in our crafting training. Check out the wiki page for quests that give experience rewards. There are too many to note, and it depends on your character's progress, which determines which ones you'll be able to complete.

Balanced Crafting Training

Level 1-7: Leather Gloves

To start our crafting journey, we will need a couple of needles, a handful of thread, and leather. You can use an online calculator to see how much leather you require, as we will be making leather gloves up to level 7. This is very quick and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Level 7-26: Gold Bracelets

From level 7 onwards, we'll be heading to a furnace. The materials needed are gold bars and a bracelet mold. Once again, we'll use an online calculator to determine the number of required materials and then get to work. You can either purchase these from the Grand Exchange or other players. Mining the gold yourself is also possible if you wish to train the Mining skill. The process should take less than 30 minutes if you already have all the materials ready.

Level 26-42: Drift Nets

Moving onto drift nets, we will need to complete the quest "Bone Voyage" if it has not been done yet. You will also need 29 construction to build the loom itself in the camp on Fossil Island, where we will be making our drift nets. The materials required to create drift nets are two jute fibers which in most cases yield a profit once the crafting process is completed. It will take less than 1 hour to reach level 42.

Level 42-50: Ruby Bracelets

Depending on the current market, you will be able to craft different gems into bracelets. We recommend Ruby Bracelets, but this does vary as the market changes. Players will need to make their way to a furnace with equal amounts of gems and gold bars and a bracelet mold. By taking out 13 of each material with the mold from the bank, players will be able to create 13 bracelets at a time. This is another generally profitable process yet still very quick in terms of experience.

Level 50-58: Ruby Amulets

At level 50, we can move on to Ruby Amulets doing the same process as the bracelets but with an amulet mold. Amulets yield more experience per hour for similar profits and effort. This will take players an hour or two to reach level 58. Most players will use the Edgeville furnace as it is closer to the bank and the Grand Exchange if more materials are needed.

Level 58-63: Diamond Bracelets

As players reach level 58, they will want to switch to Diamond Bracelets. They are far superior in experience gained for the time spent crafting. Generally, they will break even so players will not lose money while making bracelets and can potentially see over 120k/hr crafting experience.

Level 63-99: Dragonhide Bodies

For the final grind, players will be crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies up to 99. With experience rates above 300k/hr, players can hit 99 in less than 50 hours. The crafting process is straightforward, similar to the first step of crafting leather gloves but with more banking. Each body needs three Green Dragon Leather. This is the perfect amount of attention required that players can watch Youtube or Netflix and semi-AFK the process.

At level 71, players can look into Blue Dragonhide Bodies for more experience. Depending on the market, it could be cheaper, as the total journey to level 99 will cost up to 20m GP. The other two tiers of ranged bodies are too expensive for the experience they give.

Fastest Method

Level 1-20: Leather Items

The quickest and easiest method for the first 20 levels is crafting the highest tier of leather items using thread and a needle. It is straightforward and should take roughly 10 to 20 minutes to reach level 20 and proceed to the next section.

Level 20-66: Gem Cutting

One of the fastest methods of Crafting is cutting gems. You can randomly obtain uncut gems from mining gem rocks while mining any metal ore or simply purchase from other players via the Grand Exchange. This section will be split into multiple tiers as we unlock better gems.

  • Level 20: Uncut Sapphire (125k/hr experience)
  • Level 27: Uncut Emerald (160k/hr experience)
  • Level 34: Uncut Ruby (220k/hr experience)
  • Level 43: Uncut Diamond (260k/hr experience)
  • Level 66-71: Air Battlestaffs

Once players are done with gem cutting, they can move onto Air Battlestaffs, which give more experience per hour (330k/hr) and are less expensive. Battlestaffs can be bought from a daily trip to Zaff's if the player has completed any tier of Varrock Achievement Diaries. Otherwise, they are readily available from other players at the Grand Exchange, along with the air orbs needed to craft it. With an inventory full of equal parts Air Orbs and Battlestaffs, players can craft these into air Battlestaffs. The final product can be sold back to players, or High Alchemy can be used to turn them into gold pieces.

Level 71-99: Dragonhide Bodies

At level 71, players will have unblocked the ability to craft Blue Dragonhide Bodies out of Blue Dragonhide. With only a needle and a bunch of thread, players will receive up to 350k/hr experience and be well on their way to level 77.

The next tier of Dragonhide Body is Red Dragonhide, unlocked at level 77 crafting. This method will boost the hourly crafting experience up to 380k/hr and should only take around 5 hours before reaching the next tier of crafting.

Once at level 84, players have access to the last step of crafting for their journey to level 99 and the crafting skill cape. Black Dragonhide is the highest tier of ranged gear craftable in the game at the moment and grants players over 400k experience per hour!

Alternative: Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a cheap alternative to leveling Crafting. You can start it from level 46 onward. The only thing you'll need to do this is Molten Glass, which is pretty cheap in the Grand Exchange. Ironmen can make their own using a furnace. The ingredients for it are Buckets of Sand and Soda Ash.

They may also use the Lunar Spell Superglass Make to make Molten Glass. The same ingredients will be used, except the buckets cannot be reused as they get destroyed when using the spell. However, the magic will produce 1-10 Molten Glass with one cast. Using the furnace will always give it to you one by one. It's up to you to decide how to get the materials for glassblowing. Also, consider the cost of runes if using the spell.

The last thing you need for glassblowing is the Glassblowing Pipe. You can find one in Entrana or Hemenster. Some Dorgesh-Kaan and Piscatoris Fishing Colony stores also hold it in stock.

Regular players (those who aren't playing Ironman Mode) have faster and more profitable ways to level Crafting. This method is for Ironmen or members looking for a cheaper way to level Crafting. Since the blowpipe is only for members, F2P players cannot use this method.

Profitable Crafting

At low levels, making Clockwork is a profitable method. They're used in making birdhouses, so anyone using that method to train Hunter will be grateful for the supply.

In the middle levels, jewelry becomes a profitable method. Gold and Silver ones are the best, with Opal and Topaz bracelets in demand for Slayers. Sapphire Rings and Necklaces will also return a tidy profit. Dragonstone Jewelry has the highest returns at even higher levels while providing decent XP for training.

Above level 80, you can cut crush-able gems for tons of gold. This won't give you much XP, but Jades and Red Topaz can fill your coffers with currency.

Of course, all these methods would depend on market prices. There are calculators to tell you the profit margins at the current prices, so make use of those. Efficiency is vital for making the most out of any of the methods above, whether for training or profit.

Have Fun Leveling Crafting in OSRS

All methods are viable to get players their elusive skill cape for crafting. You can mix and match different paths as you progress through the levels to suit your budget and time constraints. Just remember, like with any other skill, the journey to max level is not a sprint but a marathon. Have some fun, and don't burn yourself out rushing to the finish line.

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