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Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide

Lost Ark Gold Guide

There are many criticisms of Lost Ark, but no one has ever accused the game of having a shortage of progression systems, gameplay loops, and fulfilling grinds. Adventurers will have their hands full playing the game, from mining copper ores to defeating ancient Guardians during raids. One of the primary mechanics in the game is the existence of the Auction House. Players can buy honing materials, engraving recipes, and gear in this in-game marketplace. Most of the transactions in the game will require Lost Ark gold.

Gold is only one of the many existing currencies in the popular Korean ARPG. However, it is the essential currency since it is used to obtain items to get stronger and exchange for blue crystals. Overall, players will have an easier time if they know where and how to get gold fast. It helps if they follow this Lost Ark Gold guide. 

Where to Get Gold in Lost Ark?

This currency is by no means easy to farm. Adventurers can mostly gain gold from selling items through the Auction House, participating in Raids or Dungeons, or World Events. If players are lucky enough, they can enter treasure rooms during unique instances where they can acquire even more of this currency.

Some methods will give players a continuous supply of gold, while some are one-time opportunities. Adventurers should mainly focus on activities that will continuously give them rewards over and over even if they provide fewer prizes. Here are the current ways how adventurers can earn Lost Ark gold:

Best Sources of Gold

Though there are many ways of acquiring gold, some methods are more trlisnlrthan others. For players who are looking to farm money as fast as they can, they should make sure they do these activities daily. Here are the best ways to earn gold in Lost Ark:

Una’s Tasks

These are varying daily and weekly quests in the game. Each of these tasks will provide different kinds of rewards such as silver, virtue potions, some gold, and pirate coins. The main focus of gold farmers is Una’s Tokens. This currency can be exchanged with Gold Shop NPCs to obtain chests that contain tons of gold.

To obtain Una’s Tokens, players will have to do Una’s Tasks. Each task will increase the number of points they have in the Una Quest window. Adventurers can redeem tokens depending on the number of points they accumulated within the week before the reset. Here is the guide on Una’s Task point system:

  • 25 points – 70 Tokens
  • 35 points – 70 Tokens
  • 45 points – 95 Tokens
  • 55 points – 95 Tokens
  • 70 points – 145 Tokens

Here is the exchange rate between Una’s Tokens and items from the Gold Shop:

  • 80 Una’s Tokens – Hefty Gold Sack (chance to obtain Gold, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar)
  • 200 Una’s Tokens – Small Safe (chance to obtain Gold, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar
  • 500 Una’s Tokens – Large Gold Chest (chance to obtain Gold, Giant Gold Bar, Thick Gold Bar, and Thin Gold Bar)

Chaos Dungeon

Doing Chaos Dungeons is considered one of the main methods of gold farming. There are many items that adventurers can obtain during their runs, and many of these items are sellable. Honing materials are particularly profitable. Unfortunately, it is advisable for players who aim to farm gold to rush to T3 gear since adventurers rarely buy honing materials for T1. Tier 2 Honing Materials are still sellable, but they are not as lucrative as Tier 3 Honing Mats.

It is also advisable for players to run Chaos Dungeons solo instead of doing it at a party. These dungeons scale depending on the number of adventurers, so doing it solo will be relatively easier. In addition, raiders should leave their instances if they cannot spawn a red or gold portal before the third stage of the dungeon.

Both Red and Gold portals lead to a special instance or treasure room that will reward players with high-value items and gold. These rooms spawn randomly, so adventurers should not expect to see their portals in every run. This is why it is advisable to leave or abandon a run if the red or gold entrances do not appear.

NOTE: Players will not gain any gold if they spawn gold or red portals during an Infinite Chaos Dungeon spam. The currency is only obtainable during the first two complete daily runs.

Abyss Dungeons

Adventurers should never forget to do their weekly Abyss Dungeons since it provides players with gold and neat rewards. Though most armor and accessories are usually not profitable, gamers can also obtain engravings, tailoring books, and metallurgy books which they can sell for huge amounts of gold. Never skip these dungeons no matter how hard they are.

Guardian Raids

Most of the loots in Guardian Raids are available for trading. These include accessories, honing materials, and gear. Adventurers can only gain rewards from Guardians twice a day, so players looking to earn money should never skip these dailies.

Boss Rush

This feature of the game is one of the best sources of gold due to the number of gem rewards from clearing the challenge. Gems amplify the damage of skills and their cooldowns, selling very quickly. Unfortunately, adventurers will need Boss Rush tickets to participate in this content.

Tickets for Bosh Rush can be obtained by chance when raiders finish or complete Tier 2 Chaos Dungeons in Yorn or Feiton. Gamers with guilds can also acquire tickets from the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange shop. Players can receive an Entrance Ticket Chest from the vendor, which has a 1/3 chance of dropping a Buss Rush ticket.


Though most rewards from Cubes are untradable or sellable in the Auction House, these challenges are the best sources of Engraving Recipes in the game, and they are also sellable. The cost of each recipe will vary depending on the type of Engraving. Fortunately, almost every recipe is always bought by gamers, so adventurers do not have to worry about their wares not getting sold.

Chaos Gates

These world events transport players into a demonic realm where they battle legions of monsters and special bosses. After these instances, adventurers are given multiple rewards like secret maps, engravings, breaths, and harmony shards. All of these can be sold to the Auction House. In addition, at the end of each Chaos Gates, players get to bid on a special item. Those who do not get or acquire the item will get a portion of the winning bid’s gold.

World or Field Bosses

Field Bosses are scheduled special opponents that appear only during certain times. These unique monsters can drop Gems, Honing Materials, and Skill runes that can be sold in the Auction House. Unfortunately, players can only do one boss per day, so adventurers should make sure that they clear the boss that has the chance to drop the best rewards to make the most out of it.

Other Sources of Gold

Other methods of acquiring this essential currency are less unstable, even if they give out huge chunks of gold. This is because they are a one-time opportunity acquisition, or they take too long to provide profit. However, they are still worth doing when adventurers have the time. Here are other ways of farming gold:

Adventure Islands

Though most of these islands do not give any tradable rewards, several offer Card Packs as loots. Tradable cards can be sold in the Auction House for a profit. However, only certain cards are likely to be bought. Items that are rare, epic, or legendary that belong to a good card set can fetch a reasonable price in the market. Unfortunately, it is only advisable to do these if players are absolutely sure they no longer need the card they want to sell.

Life skilling

Materials gathered from every life skill activity are most certainly tradable and will fetch decent prices. However, some resources can only be gathered at a certain trade skill level, so players should level up every life skill when they have the time. Some would argue that Excavating, Fishing, Hunting, and Foraging are the only ones that gatherers should focus on. However, it is more optimal to explore every life skill activity.

Crafting and Cooking

Certain items like potions, grenades, and flares can be crafted in the strongholds. These items are sold at decent prices and are highly profitable when sold in bulk. Many players buy battle potions and flares since they are frequently used in Raids and Dungeons.

Aside from battle items, food can also be a source of gold. Food in the game provides various beneficial buffs when they do demanding challenges like Tier 3 Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons. Masterwork-quality consumables are the most profitable types of food, so adventurers should make sure that they can craft these items.

Previously, the Feiton storyline and several Rapport rewards gave out gold as their completion prize. Unfortunately, Smilegate removed this feature to prevent bots from abusing them. For now, these are the best-known ways for adventurers to accumulate Lost Ark gold, and it is ideal to try out every one of them.

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