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How to get Peak of the Mountain in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch How to get Peak of the Mountain

Last Epoch has many classes to choose from for different builds, and in addition to upgrading your passive and active skills, you’ll need good gear to back it up. If you want to increase your Critical Strike Chance, look no further than the Peak of the Mountain helmet. The Peak of the Mountain is a unique helmet in Last Epoch that can undoubtedly be called one of the best pieces of equipment in the game. One of the main reasons is that it can fit in almost any build you put it. It’s excellent for any mid-level character to have and will possibly become a permanent item for your crit-focused builds.

In this guide, we’ll spill the beans on how and where you can find the Peak of the Mountain in Last Epoch, as well as what minimum level your character needs to be to use or equip it.

What is the Peak of the Mountain?

The Peak of the Mountain is a Unique Iron Qasque that significantly increases your Critical Strike Chance and all attributes. While it can be used at lower levels, this helmet truly shines when it’s part of a larger set. Of course, we’re talking about the Face, Core, and the Foot of the Mountain. However, despite their reoccurring names and appearance, the other parts only drop from higher tier difficulty to level 100. With that in mind, don’t expect to snag the complete ensemble set during your playthrough in Last Epoch unless you have a specific build.

The Peak of the Mountain increases your defense—as a piece of armor should in the game. Besides this, it’ll also improve the rest of your stats. It’s the optimal choice for Javelin-wielding ranged Paladins in general. The bonuses given to the helmet have a random range, with each version having different overall stats.




Critical Strike


Your Critical Strikes do not leech life from enemies.

Minimum Level


You can expect to acquire this helmet at a much higher level than 12.



Improves all attributes (Vitality, Attunement, Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence).



Protects you against direct damage but not damage over time.

Note that the Critical Strike Chance is multiplicative—not a flat additive. This means the 240% increase will only happen if your character already has a high baseline Critical Rate of around 40% or more.

How to get the Peak of the Mountain

The entire Mountain set drops from the Lightless Arbor Dungeon, including the Peak of the Mountain. While the area is typically locked, you can open it using the special keys dropped from the Arena of Champions—a side activity within the Champion’s Gate. You’ll need to face off against multiple waves of mobs to get the keys. Necromancer users will have an easier time accomplishing this since they have various minions to do their bidding.

Complete the Lightless Arbor Dungeon

The Lightless Arbor is in the Ruined Era in the Shrouded Ridge's northern part. To enter inside, you’ll need to use one Lightless Arbor key, so be sure you’re ready to tackle what’s coming. You can always set your tier difficulty at the entrance for an easier time. However, drop rates are improved at higher tiers when the enemies are harder to kill.

How to Get Keys for the Lightless Arbor Dungeon

You can get a key to the dungeon by doing the following methods:

  • Kill normal enemies – While this option is viable, it rarely happens and has a low chance of dropping.
  • Defeat Monolith of Fate bosses – Monolith of Fate bosses have a higher chance of dropping the Lightless Arbor Key and other endgame dungeons.
  • Complete the Arena of Champions – As we’ve said before, the Arena of Champions is a “side quest” you can do within the Champion’s Gate. You simply have to kill mobs to obtain the keys.

Beat The Mountain Beneath

While you’re free to explore the Lightless Arbor Dungeon for various challenges and rewards, you can also get the Peak of the Mountain through one enemy and one enemy only: The Mountain Beneath.

Fighting The Mountain Beneath isn’t straightforward; you can quickly die and be kicked from the dungeon if you come unprepared. The boss is invulnerable at the start, and you’ll have to target the Root Walls around the arena. Once those are destroyed, you can cast Burning Amber—the dungeon’s unique ability—on the Pyre. Do this twice to make The Mountain Beneath fall over and morph into its second form, Stone Titan’s Heart.

Like most encounters in Last Epoch, the encounter with the Stone Titan’s Heart is a more conventional fight. Simply focus on any minions that’ll arrive and then proceed to attack the boss. Most of the boss’ damage type is Poison-based, so you can easily alleviate or reduce any damage taken from it using various abilities. After you’ve defeated it, the Peak of the Mountain might drop as a reward. We say “might” because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the helmet even after defeating the boss multiple times.

Why is the Peak of the Mountain Extra Challenging to Obtain?

The Peak of the Mountain is an endgame-worthy gear in Last Epoch. It’s also worth noting that it’s a Unique—a tier that often boasts high stats and is deemed necessary for crafting Legendaries. Because of this, they have a low drop chance.

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