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Last Epoch Builds

  • last epoch starter builds

    Best Starter Builds in Last Epoch

    ARPGs revel in their replayability, and Last Epoch does so, too. However, you must start with you first character before playing experimental builds a […]
  • last epoch necromancer build

    Best Necromancer Build in Last Epoch

    The Acolyte is a fun starting class in Last EPoch that wields powerful death magic and can summon a veritable army of undead at her disposal. The Necr […]
  • falconer build guide

    Falconer Build Guide in Last Epoch

    Compared to the other Masteries in Last Epoch, Falconer only came out with the full game release. A new Mastery for the Rogue class, your character ge […]
  • void knight lost ark

    Best Void Knight builds for Last Epoch

    A Mastery within the Sentinel class, the Void Knight is someone who has taken part of the Void inside himself and uses it to obliterate foes. Every sw […]
  • last epoch lich builds

    Best Lich Build in Last Epoch

    The Lich Mastery veers away from the minion-focused skills of the Acolyte and makes her a veritable DPS machine, turning her the sole powerhouse class […]
  • Last Epoch Druid Builds

    Best Druid builds in Last Epoch

    Druid is one of the Masteries for the Primalist class in Last Epoch. What makes it special is that it has access to several transformations, each chan […]
  • Last Epoch: Best Runemaster builds

    Last Epoch: Best Runemaster Builds

    Creating a build can be daunting for a beginner in Last Epoch. Despite the game doing a fantastic job of introducing you to its myriad of progression […]
  • Best Shaman build

    Last Epoch: Best Shaman build

    As a Traveller attuned to Eterra’s very nature, the Shaman mastery class wields the powerful forces of nature with this build’s hybrid dam […]

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