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Last Epoch: How to create Legendary Gear

Last Epoch Legendary Gear

In Last Epoch, almost all gear comes with at most four affixes. If you get lucky, you may even be able to seal an affix to make space for another one, giving you a total of five affixes. With Uniques, some have more than six bonuses, and they cannot be modified in any way with traditional crafting. Uniques are, for the most part, the core part of any build. However, there is one type of rarity that can elevate any build.

Legendary items are Unique items that are given an extra one to four affixes that significantly boost your power. Legendaries are not dropped by normal means, as there is a process needed to create one. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get yourself some Legendary gear.

What Is Legendary Gear?

Legendary Gear are Unique items that have 1 to 4 extra affixes that could add a lot of optimization options to your overall setup. These items are colored red in the rarity color scheme. These items can only be obtained through three methods: Legendary Potential crafting, Weaver’s Will rolling, and the Merchant’s Guild.

Legendary Potential

As mentioned earlier, Legendary items are made from Uniques as a base. However, not all Unique items can be made into a Legendary. To make one, the Unique item must have a modifier called Legendary Potential. This stat goes from LP 1 to LP 4, where the number is how many extra affixes can be placed in that item.

To create a Legendary, you must first have access to the dungeon called the Temporal Sanctum by expending a Temporal Sanctum Key on the dungeon entrance. As a reward for clearing the dungeon, there will be a service station called the Eternity Cache at the end of the dungeon.

Creating a Legendary requires the Unique item of your choice with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same type with the most desirable affixes that are vital to your build. Use the Eternity Cache by placing both items into the slots in the cache respectively. Be warned that this forging process will destroy the Exalted item to create the Legendary item.

This process will also randomly select an affix from the Exalted item to seal within the Unique, so if you have a Unique with LP1, it will arbitrarily select one of the four affixes in the Exalted item. This will not be an issue should the Unique have LP4, which means that it will take all the affixes, including the Tier 6/7 affix. One thing to note is that the Exalted item MUST have 4 affixes, or else the process won’t work. To craft, first place your LP Unique and selected Exalted item in the cache in the Divine Era version.

Currently, Uniques with LP4 are highly sought after and will always be valuable even if that piece of gear does not suit your build. You can always stash these items and find an appropriate Exalted to save later and fund your alt classes.

Weaver’s Will

Other Uniques will have the chance to gain a stat called Weaver’s Will. These Uniques will never be able to drop with Legendary Potential, so take note of the Uniques you wish to target farm for. This is an easier method of creating a Legendary item but is even more randomized than Legendary Potential crafting and gives you no control over the affixes that it gains.

The way this system works is that when you equip that Unique, that item will receive experience from kills you make. Such Uniques have between 5 to 28 Weaver’s Will charges and once the item “levels up,” it will expend a charge of Weaver’s Will and roll an affix at random, which it will then place into the Unique. Once it has an extra affix, the subsequent Weaver’s Will charge uses will have a chance to improve the Legendary affix instead of rolling another new one, which can be upgraded up to Tier 7 (should you have enough Weaver’s Will charges). Like Legendary Potential crafting, Weaver’s Will Legendaries can have up to four new random affixes that could potentially make your build endgame-worthy.

Merchant’s Guild

The Merchant’s Guild is one of two factions, the other being the Circle of Fortune. This faction functions as the in-game player-run auction house that has all gear items of various rarities for sale. Legendary items can also be purchased here, but the prices will be very expensive with not only gold but faction Favor as well. This is the costliest but also the most controlled way to get a Legendary since you can also search for one for sale with the affixes that you want.

The Temporal Sanctum Guide

You will be visiting this dungeon often once you get into the Legendary Potential system. To briefly talk about the mechanics of this dungeon, you are given a dungeon-specific skill called “Temporal Shift,” which is bound to the D key by default. This skill allows you to travel between the Divine and Ruin Era versions of the level at will. With this skill, previously blocked-out entrances on one timeline can be accessed. While the first two rooms of the dungeon aren’t too difficult with a mobbing build, this mechanic will be more relevant once you reach Chronomancer Julra, the boss of this dungeon.

Before heading to the boss, make sure you have your Void, Cold, and Lightning resistances at the cap before heading in, as she will use these damage types in her fight.

Chronomancer Julra has mechanics that can be dealt with by using the aforementioned Temporal Shift ability. In this fight, there are a couple of abilities to look out for. Her first and most lethal skill is called Catastrophic Implosion, where a massive glowing clock appears on the arena floor with a black hole in the center. Once the runes on the clock fill up, the whole arena will explode, instantly killing anyone, even with capped Void resistance. If you see this mechanic, immediately use Temporal Shift to escape the mechanic. Wait around 5 seconds before heading back into the fight. You can also use Temporal Shift to tap out of the fight to recover your health should you run out of potions.

Her other mechanic has her summon pillars into the arena that will deal Lightning damage to you. In the Ruined Era version of the arena, when you fight her, these pillars cannot be targeted and are immune to all attacks. To destroy them, go back to the Divine Era version and destroy the pillars, which are vulnerable and cannot attack you in this timeline.

While you can leave the boss fight by jumping through time, she will eventually time travel to your current era and continue the boss fight where you left off. She also has a mechanic where she spawns a fountain that will provide her constant healing. This mechanic discourages staying in a safe timeline for too long, so always keep traveling forward and back in time to keep the pressure on her while easing it off you.

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