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Last Epoch Fast Leveling Guide

last epoch leveling

Players must level up quickly to reach the Monolith of Fate content Last Epoch. Most end-game timelines have minimum requirements to make you eligible to challenge them. To reach the fun stuff and collect the most powerful Uniques, you should level up quickly to get the maximum 100. Here is how you can quickly grind through most of the game's content.

Don’t Speedrun Level if It’s Your First Character

While getting to the end-game content sounds alluring, we highly advise new players or those playing with their first characters to go through the average leveling experience. We recommend following the primary story campaign to get a feel for Last Epoch’s gameplay. In addition, you can learn more about many mechanics while collecting essential perks like Passive Points and Idol slots.

General Strategies of Fast Leveling

There are various methods for fast leveling, and some will work more effectively for specific builds. However, all of them will still adhere to the general strategies for fast EXP farming. If you learn these things first, then you can make your version quickly grind levels.

Speed is Everything

High Movement Speed is arguably the most crucial element in ARPGs regarding speed running. It lets you blitz through opponents, bypass unnecessary obstacles, and reach objectives more quickly. The quicker you go, the faster you can finish quests and campaign chapters. 

During the game's early stages, you can get items that can increase your Movement Speed, like the Silver Ring, which increases it by 3 to 8%. Ideally, it would help if you equipped this accessory until you get a better one. Boots would be the best item to invest in, as many of them offer a significant speed boost, so you should always look for good pieces to help with your level grind. 

You should also pay attention to specific items. For example, The Falcon armor can increase your Movement Speed by 15%. Most body sets that provide MS will have Dodge Ratings, so keep an eye on those you can use. Here is a list of items that you should consider having for movement speed:

  • Silver Ring
  • Advent of the Erased Boots
  • Lessons of the Metropolis Boots
  • Arboreal Circuit
  • Thorn Slinger
  • Quicksilver Coil
  • The Falcon
  • Fighting Chance

Unlock All Passive Points and Idol Slots

Even if you want to speedrun your level, you still need to do specific quests from the campaign to get all Passive Points and Idol Slots. If you reach the Monolith stage with these perks, you will feel significantly more powerful and have no trouble navigating through timelines. 

Both categories can be obtained by playing specific campaign quests and side missions. There are 15 Passive Points and 8 Idol Slot Rewards, and you will need them all to be effective in the end-game content. If you don’t want to play the whole campaign, focus on collecting these perks. Make sure to have all of them before you enter the Monolith stage. 

Farm Arena Nodes in Monolith of Fate

Once you finish Chapter 9, you should focus on the Monolith of Fate. Each timeline will feature different Echoes or nodes you can grind for EXP and items. However, you want to find the Arena Echoes to level up faster because they spawn more mobs. More monsters mean more EXP gain, which can help you gain more levels.

You will want to use skills and builds that can clear out hordes quickly, so focus on using AoE or cleave attacks. Don’t stack on Corruptions since they will make mobs much harder to kill. Only generate this meter when you unlock Empowered Monolith or farming items. 

Look for Combat-Oriented and EXP Bonus Blessings

Every time you complete a Timeline, you can activate a random Blessing to boost your stats. Each branch features different sets of buffs, and each of them will either focus on drop rate bonuses or combat-oriented perks. It’s best to concentrate on timelines that provide the latter since they will help you the most in leveling up. 

You don’t need to do all timelines when leveling up because they rely on the level to unlock. We recommend focusing on the branches on the right side leading to the last three Timelines. Here are all the Monolith of Fate nodes you should get Blessings from first:

  • Fall of the Outcasts
  • The Black Sun
  • Ending the Storm
  • Reign of Dragons
  • The Age of Winter
  • Spirits of Fire

Remember that combat-oriented Blessings will help you level up faster since it boosts your efficiency in clearing out mobs. Don’t bother completing other timelines that increase drop rates since they are not worth it until you get Empowered Monolith of Fate.

Unlock Empowered Monolith

Empowered Monolith of Fate is the accurate end-game content of Last Epoch, and you will get many benefits just by unlocking it. You will face stronger enemies but gain better rewards and EXP. Unlocking this content is a must if you plan on reaching level 100.

You can activate Empowered Monolith by finishing the last three timelines at the end of the branch. The best way to do so is to focus on the right-side branches and skip the ones on the left. Farm EXP until you reach the minimum rank for each Timeline, allowing you to get the last three quickly.

Things to Remember

Some Classes are better suited for fast grinding than others. Jobs like Acolytes and Rogues have higher Movement Speed stats and decent AoE attacks, which allows them to blitz through earlier stages of the game. However, they might have trouble during the latter phases.

  • It’s best to kill any magic or rare monsters you encounter along the way. While they are more durable than regular mobs, they provide an additional 50% EXP, which can help in your fast-leveling grind.
  • When doing Echoes in any Timeline, you can acquire Tomes of Experience, consumables that provide a decent amount of EXP. Make sure to activate them once you obtain them.

Specific EXP Farming Routes

If you need more specific methods of farming EXP, you can choose between two routes. The first caters to newer players, while the second provides the most efficient way for veterans. Here are the specific farming routes for fast leveling in Last Epoch:

Fast Level Route #1 (Newer Players)

  • Finish main quests in The Storerooms and The Summit during the Divine Era.
  • During the Ruined Era, do main quests in the Last Refuge Outskirts and Erza’s Library.
  • Turn in the Erza’s Ledger to either Elder Erza or Artem the Gambler.
  • Fight the minibosses in The Precipice and The Armory.
  • During the Ruined Era, go to the Cultist Camp and do the related quests there.
  • Finish relevant main and side missions in the Welryn Undercity, Welryn Docks, and The Shattered Valley.
  • Fight the Boss in the Sanctum Bastille.
  • In the Imperial Era, go to the Risen Lake and enter the Time Rift.
  • Kill the Miniboss at the Corrupted Lake.
  • Finish the Main Quest in Maj’Elka, then go to Oracle’s Abode.
  • Go to the Ruined Era via the Shining Cove Time Rift and kill the miniboss.
  • Farm Temporal Sanctum Dungeons and try to collect keys.
  • Interact with any NPC in Yula’s Heaven.
  • Do the relevant main quests in Wengari Fortress, Heobera, and Temple of Heorot in the Divine Era.
  • Kill the Boss in The Tomb of Morditas.
  • Go to the Burning Pier to access Liath’s Road and Kill Liath.
  • Go to Thetima and finish quests in Liath’s Tower and Lagoon’s Isle.
  • Collect Moon Fragments for the Moonlit Shrine and then Kill Lagoon.
  • Finish Desert Treasure in Radiant Dunes.
  • Finish the main quests and side quests in the Maj’Elka Sums.
  • Figh Maj’Essa in the Chamber of Vessel.

Fast Level Route #2 (For Veterans)

  • Rescue Grael in the Burning Forest.
  • Talk to an NPC in the Northern Road.
  • Return to The Keeper’s Camp and get a Passive Point from Leena.
  • Fight Haruspex Orian in The Summit.
  • Return to Town and interact with Leena and Balthas to port you to the Void Era.
  • Talk to Guardsman Dolus in Last Refuge Outskirts and do the side quests from three NPCs.
  • Gain a Passive Point and Idol Slot from Captain Leora and Elder Gaspar, respectively, in the Council Chambers.
  • Finish a Side Quest in the first Erza’s Library in The Last Archive.
  • Do the Main Quest in the Last Archive while grabbing Erza’s Ledger so you can turn it in later for a Passive Point.
  • Kill Pannion’s Students in his Study and return to the Council Chambers.
  • Talk to Elder Gasper to receive one Passive Point.
  • Enter the Time Rift in the Ancient Cavern.
  • Head East of The Precipice and find the Lower District.
  • Kill The Husk of Elder Panion in The Lower District.
  • Unlock your Mastery and get one Passive point after talking to Elder Gaspar in The End of Time.
  • Dispel the barrier after talking to Elder Gaspar in the Council Chambers.
  • Head to the Welrynd Docks south of the Cultist Camp.
  • Do the Side Quest in Welrync Docks and Kill the Void Centipede before returning to Town.
  • Go North of the Camp to the Ruins of Welryn.
  • Enter the Welryn Undercity and destroy three Soul Repositories.
  • Interact with the Remaining Cultist in the Camp and continue with the Main Quest.
  • Kill Admirla Harton in The Dreadnought’s Deck and interact with Alric.
  • Head North to reach Maj’Elka and go South East to save Alric.
  • Finish a Side Quest East of this location to get a Passive Point.
  • Go to the Sapphire Quarter to Rescue Alric and kill the Immortal Eye.
  • Take the Portal in the back of the room to return to Maj’elka.
  • Travel towards Oracle’s Abode and talk to the Shrine Maiden and the Oracle to receive on Passive Point.
  • Go to The Shattered Valley in the Ruined Area and finish a Side Quest concerning an Old Tome in The Lost Refuge to get two Passive points.
  • Collect two Idol Slots by killing the Primeval Dragon in The Ancient Forest and turn in the quest to Chronomancer Lerinne in The Council Chambers.
  • Kill the Prophet of Ruins and Idol of Loathing in the Corrupted Lake during the Imperial Era to get one Passive Point and three Idol Slots.
  • Kill Ortra’ek, The Survivor in The Ruined Coast, then grab the Sapphire Tablet to turn it into the Shrine Maiden in Oracle’s Abode Town for one Passive Point and two Idol Slots.
  • Do the Monolith of Fate to farm levels when you hit level +50.
  • Complete all three end timelines to unlock Empowered Monolith.
  • Kill Chronomancer Julra in Temporal Sanctum.
  • KillScalebane Swarmkeeper in Radiant Dunes and interact with Zerick.
  • Go to the Maj’Elka Lower District and Kill Ruby Captain Arjani.
  • Talk to Scalebane Bodyguard to enter the Slums to interact with the Scalebane Fence to get one Passive Point and two Idol Slots after choosing “Be My Guest.”
  • Kill the Scalebane Guild Leader and return to the Upper District for two Idol Slots from Zerrick.
  • Enter The Oasis, accept the quest to kill Spine Hunter Alpha, and interact with Mahraan Zabat.
  • Go to the Crystal Mines to kill Crystal Lotus.
  • Enter the Aerie and kill the mobs there to talk to Zerrick.
  • Enter The Upper Temple to kill the Diamond Matron.
  • Enter the Chamber of Vessels to Kill Majasa and gain one Passive Point and Attribute.
  • Return to the Oasis to turn in the Quest to Mahraan Zabat and return to the Maj’Elka Upper District to get three Idol Slots.
  • Talk to Ritolo to get the last Passive Point.

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